Friday, June 12, 2009


A satisfied Charlie!

Becoming curious!

What's that Mommy? Can I have it?

I can reach my feet!

As yall know, my child was not himself earlier in the week. So, I worked W-F. Change throws me for a loop. I woke up this morning EXHAUSTED! I couldn't wait until I was in my bed again. It was 92 degrees here today. We decided to go to the pool to celebrate. The swim wore Charlie and I both out. He fell asleep as we were pulling into the driveway, but he soon came to life when I changed his swimsuit to his diaper. I thought he would drift off to sleep in the swing. I was wrong. He was satisfied with himself for a while, them became curious. He loves to sit up and test the edges of the swing. He likes to see just how far down he can reach. My soul is reguvinated by witnessing his life. My body, however, not so much.


dstack said...

Great shots of my "little man". He's such a wonder.

maggs said...

hehe i bet i will be wore out after my trip! i will get a break and i will be exhausted lol! i love his curosity! its too cute

maggs said...

woops thats supposed to say u will get a break and i will be exhausted lol