Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Being Mommy

Being Mommy has taken on a new meaning at the Montgomery household this week. With teething in full season, sleeping season has taken a serious hit. Thank you Lord for giving me such an involved husband. Monday night, we took turns about every two hours with Charlie. The sweet thing in all this was that the only place he could find rest was on my chest. We would go from the recliner to the couch. We indulged in rest until more pain hit. He would raise his head in a fury, scream out and return to sleep. Then, when Daddy would take over, he found comfort in his arms, but not enough to sleep. Yesterday, all three of us were exhausted. After returning home from the doctor, again (due to a rash from neck to toe), I put Charlie in his crib to sleep. After trying everything I knew and failing, I placed him in his crib and walked away. I sat in the recliner, and listened to him cry. I cried along with my baby and then cried out to my Father. "God, PLEASE bring him peace!" In an instant, my baby found peace and went to sleep. I plunged into my bed and found peace as well. In an hour, he woke up screaming and crying again. I got him and he found peace on my chest and we both slept for another hour in our bed. We survived another night, not at severe as the one before. We are praying that tonight will be like the nights we knew before teething struck. Those were the good ole days. Until this passes, I will treasure the moments when my baby is on my chest, surrounded by peace and comfort. During these moments we both let go enough to drift off to sleep.


dstack said...

What a sweet, sweet story, Katy. What a wonderful daughter I have!

maggs said...

hang in there Sisi! i cant imagine the extra work ur having to do and i hope charlie gets better asap! and i cant wait to see his new shiney chompers when they arrive! it wont be too long before the tooth fairy comes to the Montgomery household! lol