Thursday, June 4, 2009

Green Thumb?

Here is a bloom from the clematis in the front. It has seen its youth and is a senior citizen, but still very valuable!

This is a flowering shrub in the corner of the front. It has done very well and is sprouting little yellow deals.

Here is the corner of the front flower bed. Behind the flowering shrub is a tree that sprouted on its own. I also planted Eglish Ivy that was supposed to just take off, but after having it for two years, it is taking its time.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this sprout. The blizzard seems to have killed the rosebush that is behind it. This little fellow came out of nowhere the other day and seems to be a fast grower. I continue watering the rosebush behind it in hopes that it will spring to life next year.

This is my crape myrtle that receives the most sun. I do not know why it is not doing as well as the other one. I am surprised that both of them survived as I forgot to water them ALL winter.

This is the crape myrtle directly east of the house. It receives almost a full day of sun, but not quite. It is doing very well.

Here is my lilac tree. We had to transplant it this spring. I am expecting it to be sick for a while. It sprouted early in the spring, but the blooms were killed by the blizzard. So, maybe in my third year of having it I will get to see the blooms.

I was so proud to see these blooms! I have no idea what kind of shrub this is. I have forgotten since we bought it. I know they look a little sickly, but if it is blooming, it is living and that is a triumph for me!

One would assume that I would have a green thumb considering that my aunt, mother and grandmother did. They have loved and nurtured plants their whole lives. I however, have been lucky to keep anything alive. After asking many questions from a variety of people, I finally comprised my landscaping. My yard has undergone many changes in the three years I have lived here due to plants and shrubs dieing.

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dstack said...

Did you notice the rainbow beginning over the rooftop of the house across the street? I didn't even see it that day.