Saturday, January 30, 2010

This is my fav!

I made this one its own post because I am rather proud of it. You know the moment when something you've been working so hard on finally clicks? Well, I had one of those moments while editing this pic. I became friendly with duplicating layers. I know, sounds elementary right? I finally grasped the concept!!! Let's all take a moment to clap for me :) Thank you, thank you very much. (I am now channeling Elvis.) Uh um...where was I? Oh, the layer thing. You may have noticed that my other edits look the same in the technique I used. That obvious huh? You were thinking that already? At least I am a self confessor! After becomming highly aggitated with not getting the effect I wanted, I ventured out on my own and discovered a method The Pioneer Woman has been trying to tell me: duplicate layers. Angels are now singing in the distance. You hear them too, right? Understanding this concept opens up a whole new world for me in PSE!!! I am so proud of myself. Yes, that is me bowing you see, no need to wipe your eyes.

Before & After


After. Look at those precious eyes!

Oops. I deleted the before of this one, but you can scroll a few posts back and see it. I feel like I should have centered the watermark here. That drives me NUTS!



I have been doing a lot of research on how to use PSE. When I say research, you know that is code for reading other blogs! Here are a couple of my accomplishments. I still find PSE not user friendly. It's aggrevating to me that I can't see the photo in full screen and see the progress I make on it as I go. In some layers I can and then in other layers, I have to guess and am unable to see my edits until I save it and pull it up in my picture folder. I know there is an easier way to use this program, but it remains a mystery to me! We will be taught how to use PS in my class and the majority of that should apply to PSE. I guess at the end of this class I will have both PSE and PS because we, as students, get a discount on the program. I would like to hear your feedback on my oh-so-slow progress!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Winter X Games...

I'm sitting here with hubby sharing a moment together. We're watching the Winter X Games. I am learning the language of: stoked, stomped, due and a host of other words I will probably never use. Hubby is happy. My jaw has dropped on more occasions than I can remember. I had no idea people did these things on snow mobiles, skis and snowboards. I don't even know why one would want to attempt such feats, but one does. I am convinced these people must be on something. They are filling their bodies with energy drinks as if life were happening in fast motion. This doesn't seem normal to me. They gulp a drink, make their run and before they come to a complete stop, they have another drink in their hand. Throughout the entire competition these people are never without a drink in their hand. Does that seem strange to anyone else? Another observation: the mustache! I have been around long enough the see fashion repeat itself, but the stache! I am just not ready to see this thing resurface. I didn't see it so much in the snowmobiling or skiing, but the snowboarders are doing their best to bring this thing back. There are many things in life I don't understand, and tonight I discovered another.

We've been rescued!

The drift blocking our front door.

Gandpa arrives!

Making a path for our front door.

Scraping out the driveway.

Look how deep the drift is! See my deer? He's the big buck in my family set.

The supervisor!

Day two of being snowed in is no fun. Not being able to open the front door gets old, quick! A benefit of marrying into a farming family? Tractors are available! Grandpa came and rescued us. We can now open our front door and can leave our driveway if needed!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Snowed in.

1st attempt at letting the boys out this morning. Concho thought about jumping, then changed his mind. Little Elvis didn't even try.

We couldn't even open this door.

The drift on the back door as the day progressed.

It was almost as tall as I am. We had to get creative in plowing a path for the boys to get out.

All bundled up!

We are bundled up together in our cozy home watching the snow fall...fall...fall.


Why is my precious, oh so healthy child taking breathing treatments? Asthma! That's right, my little one, so strong and healthy has asthma. While this news was a bit traumatic for Mommy, Daddy seemed unaffected and...prepared. Asthma runs on his side of the family. His father and brother both have asthma. I did not know this until Tuesday. Thank God Seth was there to provide this tid bit of info to the doctor. The good news: hopefully it will resolve on its own and never fully develop. I am praying this over our child. Now, the pictures you see here are an answered prayer in themselves. Charlie received his first treatment in the doctor's office. We were left alone with him for the 8 minutes it took to use the ampule. When Dr. Fletcher returned, our ears were ringing as if we'd been to a rock concert, the three of us were sweating, Mommy and Charlie had been crying and Daddy was exhausted. We looked like we'd been to a wrestling match! We took turns holding Charlie during the 8 minutes while he was fighting for his life. Dr. Fletcher was all smiles as he reminisced about one of his children having the same reaction to their first breathing treatment. He did compliment Charlie's survival skills! It was traumatic and I was praying all the while Dr. Fletcher was delivering the news that we would NOT have to go through this again. The thought of having to go through this every 4 hours took my breath away. Daddy set there, unaffected by this news. I wanted to cry. The Lord blessed me with a comforter in a mate. The breathing treatments remained traumatic until yesterday when Uncle Heath stayed with Daddy to watch Charlie while Mommy worked. Uncle Heath took breathing treatments for years. I don't know if the two of them shared some kind of unspoken bond or what, but the first treatment with Uncle Heath here went smooth as hot honey. Ever since then, they have been like what you see in the pictures here. After two weeks, we can taper the treatments down to as needed. We are praying for complete restoration over our little one. Our God is the great physician and in an instant, can heal our baby. We take comfort in the power of our Lord.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Happy Birthday My Mommy!

A pleasing pile of pancakes. I tossed in a teaspoon of vanilla to the batter for extra goodness!

A burrito for Charlie! Remember my post about his poor eating habits? They seemed to have disappeared this week! Instead of picking up the burrito and eating it whole, he tore into it and ate it piece by piece. I mean, is there any other way a pre toddler eats? Did I care, no because it lead to this:

He usually has water with every meal, but this week he's been given lots of Pedialyte due to the recent stomach virus. I read that giving juice during meals can act as a filler and prohibit healthy eating.

Falling asleep in Grandma's arms.

A tired boy!

Today is my Mommy's birthday. She is...just kidding Mom! We started the day with a pancake breakfast, at her request. We threw together a variety of leftovers for lunch and headed out for a night on the town, just us girls! We mulled over life while sipping our coffees during a pedicure. We tossed around creative ideas as we shopped at Hobby Lobby. We satisfied our hunger at a restaurant where neither of us had dined before. It was a lovely evening spent with a most lovely lady. I love you mom!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Crazy Hair!

I love my baby's crazy hair!

See those bruises on my baby's head? He hits his head on everything...deliberately! I don't know if this is another stage in his life or if this some kind of serious indicator of the mad temper he is going to have. When we tell him "no," he hits his head. If something happens that he doesn't like, he hits his head. He doesn't just hit it on soft surfaces, he hits on the hardwood floor, on the corner of the coffee table, on the entertainment center, or any hard surface available. I asked our pediatrician about this and he didn't seem too concerned. Meanwhile, my child is walking around with bruises on his forehead. What's a parent to do?

You've really got a hold on me...

What is this urge that has come over me? I try to resist. I try to be a good mom and spend all of my child's awake time 100% devoted to him. I try to be a good wife and spend quality time with my husband when he arrives home from work. But...there you are, sitting on that table there, always available, beckoning me to pick you up and use you. When you are in my lap, I have the world at my fingertips. I can spend hours wasting time, fooling with pictures, searching topics that stir my curiosity, etc. Oh, I could a spend days locked up just you and I, exploring what you have to offer. I must curve this hold you have on me. I am a wife and a mother and I have other obligations. I vow to let you down gently. My loved ones are calling out to me. They miss me. The one who gave you to me is second guessing his gift choice. I remain thankful for the time we spend together. I will return to you...later...less often...and for shorter periods of time...I hope. I pray for strength to resist you and give those that fill my life the time they deserve. I will need you, oh laptop of mine, in due time.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Playing outside.

Having fun in Mommy's garden tote.

A beautiful face!

Grandma and Charlie had fun playing in the yard today.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A day in review...

Giving Daddy a high five!

Sporting a cute outfit! He wouldn't stay still so I could get a shot from the front. So, Daddy held him from behind. This did not last long!

We welcomed Grandma for another visit!

I started my 1st class on photography! It's been 10 years since I've been in school. I was so nervous, but with a little talking from my college age sis and great directions from the hubby and brother in law, I was set. I was the only person that showed up with their camera and computer. How was I to know that the class is taught in a computer lab and we wouldn't use our cameras, or even talk about them today? I kind of freaked when I discovered the computers are Macs. I use a PC. I'm scared of change, so using a Mac frightens me. (It's o.k. for those of you who are laughing at me.) I learned there are no stupid questions in this class. The instructor was quick to tell me that when I asked if PS works the same on a Mac and PC. (You can continue laughing.) I was able to tell and demonstrate what a digital SLR is. Hopefully this redemed me a bit.