Saturday, February 28, 2009

Charlie Talking!

Homemade Baby Food!

Not that I grew the bananas myself, but this is as close to homemade as I get! Dr. Bridges is the proud Grandpa of baby twins. After learning that his daughter in law was making their baby food, I became curious. Then, after becoming educated on the cost of baby food and seeing how fast Charlie goes through it, I really became interested. I learned how to make baby food during our visit yesterday. I chopped up three bananas, and added a little water. The blender was fantastic. I used to have a not so reliable one and we received this one as a wedding present. Not having to shake, rattle and roll the blender was fabulous! He referred me to a book as to how to do the meats. This all could be very addicting, you know!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Charlie's 6 Month Checkup!

Charlie received another good report today. He remains in the 75% curve for his age. He weighs 18.10 pounds. The nurse and I both were shocked as we expected him to weigh more. He is just over 27 in. long. This immunization hurt. The nurse warned me first. He didn't cry when she stuck him, but as she administered the med he cried a little. It was heartbreaking watching his little face frown then cry. As soon as it was over and I picked him up, he smiled as usual! I love you Charlie.

Another New Noise!

Charlie's Brushed Hair!

I brushed Charlie's hair for the first time today! I think he looks so handsome!

Charlie's Hairbrush

Charlie Waiting to be Fed!

I was getting Charlie's baby food ready and turned to see this face looking at me! I couldn't resist taking a picture of him. He loves his food!

It Had To Be You!

This was my present to Seth for Valentine's Day. I will tell you a funny story. I went to Hallmark early in the week to buy Seth's present. I found it very difficult to find a Valentine for him. After searching the whole store, I found a precious card that records and then plays a song. I also found another Valentine. All in all, this took me about an hour. I went to purchase my goods that I couldn't wait to give him and then realized that I did not have my wallet with me! I only work M-W. So, I did not go back into town for the rest of the week. I called Seth and told him that he wouldn't be getting a Valentine from me until the following week. That did not bother him at all. He said that he just wanted a hug and to hear me say "I love you." I went to Hallmark on that Monday and they had already put away their Valentine cards! I was so disappointed! Instead, I came home with this frame that hangs on a wall in our bedroom. I love this picture of us.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Our Restless Sleeper

The past week or so, I have found Charlie in this position in the mornings after I have put him to bed on his back. He finds great comfort in being swaddled, so we have continued to swaddle him. I became concerned when he was waking up in different positions. I was afraid that he might somehow get tangled in his swaddle. So, we quit swaddling him at night. Soon after we lay him down, he rolls over on his tummy. I check on him when I am up and he rotates between several positions. It's become quite the surprise to see what position he will be in. At times he makes me laugh, even in the slumber state I am in.

Hello over there!

I thought these pics of Charlie were cute. He loves to look around while he is in his highchair. He is so afraid that he is going to miss something. Like we would do anything without him!

Saturday Mornings at the Montgomery House

Charlie loves watching cartoons. Every Saturday morning, he gets in bed with Daddy and watches cartoons for a while. I just love those little eyes looking up at me.


Friday, February 20, 2009

New naps!

I have been faithfully following Baby Wise, at the suggestion of a respected friend of mine, since Charlie's birth. I was drawn by the fact that both of her children were sleeping through the night by 7 weeks. Charlie has been a "by the book" baby with the exception of nap time. He has never slept like the book said he should, except for night time. What a blessing there! This week, however, he has been taking a short morning nap and a looong afternoon nap! He continues to take a short evening nap too. I love the long afternoon nap. I put him down at 1:30 and he has been sleeping till 4:00. I can get a lot done during that time. He gets cranky again around 7:00 and will sleep for an hour. He's a lot like his Mommy with getting his sleep. He has to have it! So, here's a run down of our day: 7:30-Charlie wakes up and begins talking to himself. Mommy finds a happy baby waiting for attention and to be fed. 8:00-Charlie has breakfast. 9:00-Charlie takes his morning nap. 10:00-Charlie wakes up (happy). 12:00-Charlie has lunch. 1:30-Charlie takes his afternoon nap. 4:00-Charlie gets fed. 5:00-Daddy comes home and all is good with the world! Charlie has Daddy time until 7:00-Charlie takes his evening nap. 8:00-Charlie has supper. 10:00-Charlie eats again and then goes to bed. All the gaps are filled with lovin'! They are filled by the swing, the bouncer, the tummy time mat, the jumparoo, or his favorite-being tickled, kissed on or held and carried around. I love these days!

Charlie at 6 months!

Charlie's new noise!

He has started that deep inhale. It scared me to death the first couple of times he did it! I thought he was in some kind of distress.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our First Valentine's Day as Mr. and Mrs.!

Mommy and Daddy are getting ready to leave!

We are so excited to be together!

Finishing our evening at the restaurant.

We had a lovely Valentine's day. Seth surprised me with a fun afternoon/evening he planned. It was so fun to get out and be together.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Charlie in his stroller!

Charlie is now able to ride in his stroller without the carrier! Mommy figured out how to strap him in and off he went! We went to Dad's for an oyster shucking! Susu enjoyed taking Charlie for a stroll around the pond and to the horse barn. The horses were so funny. They saw Charlie coming and RAN to the fence. Then, they weren't sure what to do and were real spooked and were snorting at him!

Happy Valentine's Day Daddy!

Daddy, you are working bulls right now. One day, I will be able to help you! I can't wait to go with you and Grandpa and have Concho at our side! Wouldn't that make Mommy so happy?! Daddy, you and Mommy are my favorite Valentines! I loved spending the morning with you, you gave me a sweet start to my day.

Honey, I just LOVE being married to you! I love you more than chocolate :+} Your sweet spirit and gentle patience make everyday Valentine's Day for me!

Charlie's Valentines!

Charlie's first baby food!

I am now able to post the pics of Charlie eating his first baby food! He is sitting in Grandma's lap, Mommy is feeding him and Aunt Melissa is videoing! What a spectacular event!

Where's Daddy?

Daddy called faithfully while we were in AL. Here is Charlie looking at the phone while Daddy was talking to him. Isn't it sweet?

Charlie is almost sitting up on his own!

I Love This Place!

I remember living in AL and wanting desperately to move out west. Somewhere, anywhere out west! I would day dream about what kind of town I wanted to make my home in. On the cold nights when I was out feeding my horses I thought, I want to live in a place that snows when it is this cold. I want to feed my own horses on my own land in my own barn. I read books like The Horse Whisperer and read about barn dances and watched Hope Floats and watched everyone enjoying a barn dance. I thought, I want to live in a place that has barn dances. I dreamed of listening to a band and watching a see of cowboy hats dance around, twirling their partners. Guess what? Dreams do come true. I took a moment last night to breath in all my prior longings and I thought I might need to pinch myself. In our small town of Vega, we love to celebrate. We have a county barn and even a country club. Both of their bellies are full of life quite often. However, one family decided to build their own "party barn." It's not just a pole barn. This is a big, fully enclosed, NICE barn. They tried it out first for the 4th of July and it was a big success. Then, they celebrated their daughter's wedding in it. I was walking around SO pregnant at that time. I remember walking up to the tent and so many men standing up to give me their seat. (This is also a town full of great men.) Last night they had another barn dance to celebrate another couple getting married. Seth and I couldn't locate a babysitter (we didn't try very hard), so we took little Charlie right along with us. They have a section of table and chairs, the bathrooms, a fully operational bar, a BIG dance floor and a stage for the band! Oh yeah, there is also a section of tables full of food. Guess what else what there? A see of cowboy hats twirling their partners! We walked in and of course lots of people came up wanting to see Charlie. Their was also another baby there and we claimed a baby table and put both of our children on the table for easy viewing! Charlie was loved on the whole night! He had faces looking and googling over him. He had people holding and hugging him. There were lots of little kids running around, and an occasional couple dancing with a small child in between them. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed dancing too! It was a fun night. Our life stories are composed of the simple moments. They are written in the times when our husbands come home from a long day of work and walk through the door with a smile on their faces and outstretched arms, waiting to be embraced by the family they work so hard for. They are written when a mother receives a card full of sweet words that was given to her by her husband AND her son. They are written when a family is sitting on the couch surrounded by the arms of each other. These are the times when we say to ourselves, "This is my happiest moment."

Friday, February 13, 2009

Charlie's Highchair!

Charlie's highchair came in this week. I love all the bright colors! He loves it too! He is such a big boy in his new chair.

Charlie's Valentine Gear!

Charlie is our favorite Valentine ever!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy 6 Months Charlie!

I can't believe that Charlie is already 6 months! This time is slipping away too fast. He is the cutest thing we have ever seen. His little personality is really developing. He remains such a happy baby, a blessing we enjoy so much. He is getting really good at babbling. He talks quite frequently. He can say "Da da." He likes to say "Na na." I am working so hard at getting him to say "Ma ma," but have been unsuccessful. He likes to blow bubbles and chew on his tongue. He loves to hold his feet. It's so cute. When he is on his back, his legs hardly lay down anymore. He loves to smile and make new friends. He can ALMOST sit on his own. He rolls all over the place now. He loves chewing on his fingers, Mommy and Daddy's fingers, burp cloths, blankets and chew toys. He likes to chew on his clothes while I am dressing him. He eats baby food now. After I introduced him to it, he lost interest in cereal. He is really good at holding his rattlers and loves to shake them. He loves to stand. He is getting really good at stepping with Mommy and Daddy's help. He has discovered that he can grab Mommy's hair and pull! He doesn't spend much time on his tummy anymore, instead he rolls around. He loves to bounce in his jumparoo. He is growing so quickly and becoming more and more of a delight for us. He giggles often and smiles at everyone. Just thinking about him brightens our day. We remain so blessed.