Friday, June 5, 2009

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

A Great Vega Day”

My husband says that he always knows when my family is coming to visit. He is saddled with a list of chores and we generally spend the weekend prior to their arrival completing tasks. I try to have something special set aside for them. I leave the house headed to the airport making sure that when they walk through the door they will be showered with comfort. Our labor never fails. Each time we enter our house I hear the words, “It smells great in here. Your house looks so good. I just love what you've done to the place!” We then gather around, satisfied by being surrounded by each other.

My mother recently graced us with another visit. She loves this place! After a few moments of settling in, we decided to venture out for a Vega stroll. We toured the streets of Vega, enjoying each others company. We paused to visit with another family that was spending time outside as well. We shared about our lives and plans for the weekend. We watched as car after car made its way to the high school for graduation. We wondered about the excitement that lay ahead for those being honored that night. We continued on to Taylor's Vega Market to gather needed items for supper. I was excited to prepare a meal that was shared in the paper the prior week. I am usually intimated by recipes, but this one was very “user friendly.”

When my husband wearily walked through the door, my mom and I were cheerfully preparing shrimp scampi. I was proud to welcome him home with the sweet smell of supper. My father in law and brother in law were able to join us later in the evening for supper as well. Our day was coming to an end. Peace surrounded me as I was with family. I smiled as I reflected on a great Vega day.

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dstack said...

And just think! This time I was there in "the moment" this article actually took thought! How good is that?!