Friday, October 30, 2009


Charlie loves to play in the trick or treat basket. I thought he would enjoy the little boxes of nerds that made noise when he shook them. Instead, he loves the gum. He fills his little hands with as many pieces as they will hold. He loves to walk around holding them or throw them and retrieve them. Either way, I spend the majority of the day walking around picking up these pieces of gum that have once been in his hands.

So...the other day I go to pick up Charlie from daycare and his babysitter was so excited. She is a wonderful, sweet spirited woman of God. Charlie just loves her. He leaves my arms and goes to hers on the days that I work. I cannot tell you what a comfort this is to me. This particular day, this lady met me with a smile. She told me about the highlight of their day: Charlie writing! She said that while she was filling out his report, he decided to help her. Didn't he do such a good job? I love our daycare!

Touches of Halloween.

Cute nightlight.

Halloween apron. I actually used it the other night!

Aunt Melissa sent these treats in a Halloween care package. We decided to take on the Charlie Brown theme due to Charlie's name. Let me tell you, the hubs has really taken a liking to the hot chocolate. He's like, "Let's put some in this and this and this." I'm like, "Whoa there fella!"

A funny story.

I hope I am not the only Mom that has done this.
Charlie has so many toys that I find it difficult to know EVERYTHING that each one will do. I am not so much of an explorer. The hubs is. He has an engineering brain. He sees something and thinks, "How does that work." I don't do that. I see something and think, "Well, that's cool!" Pictured above is one of Charlie's favorite toys. He loves to take apart the rings and put the balls down the hole. This is not a new toy. When I clean the floors I put all of his toys in the Pack 'n Play. The other day I kept hearing this strange noise. Charlie was asleep and I didn't know where in the world this new noise was coming from. I narrowed it down to the Pack 'n Play and then to this toy. Much to my surprise, it plays different tunes each time a ball is dropped down! I tell the hubs this and he says, "Yeah, it has a switch for that and I turned it on last night." I had no idea. With the new music, Charlie loves this toy even more!

An old friend.

A close up!

All smiles!

What a big boy!

Talking to me. I am sure he is giving instructions on how he wants his picture taken!

I thought I would take some pics of Charlie in his chair in his room. Without the monthly updates in this same chair, it is difficult to compare just how much he has grown. Well, we are feeding him and we feed him until he doesn't want anymore to eat. So...the little bugger just keeps growing.

Playing in the bathroom.

Charlie loves to discover. After a few moments of silence, I went looking for him and found him in a drawer in the bathroom. Usually, he pulls every item out, throwing them about. Today, he found more entertainment in exploring each item.

Breaking out the winter wear.

We have Praise and Worship practice on Thursday nights. As you know, it was COLD last night. We broke out the winter gear for Charlie. I thought he would take off the mittens and pull the hat until it was off as well. Instead, he loved the mittens and didn't seem to mind the hat either!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

1st snow of the year.

We received our 1st snow today. It began with a good rain last night and this morning. About mid morning, I looked outside and it was snowing. A couple of hours later it began sleeting and escalated to more snowing.

Check out this pose!

If you know Concho, you know his trademark move is leaning on you. This is how he shows his affection. I was able to capture some good shots of Concho in action with Charlie!
Decisionally Challenged
I am WAY excited about this Secret Santa Soiree! I just found out who my partner is and can't wait to go shopping, dress up the packages and send them on their way! I LOVE getting care packages! In efforts to boost the excitement and bring ease to all of us, we are requested to blog at least once a week so our SSS exchange partner can learn about us. I think it's so fun to know that someone out there is reading my blog, looking specifically for this post and reading away to grab ideas for presents! Did I mention that I LOVE getting care packages? We have the option of sending one gift or a series of them. Can you tell by now which I prefer? Here's another tidbit about me...I would love to stay on and blog more, but because I am a mom and my child is crying, I must go and meet his needs. His sweet, only Mommy knows how to meet needs. I am a blessed woman!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Zombie Charlie!

Our town usually has a Halloween carnival and Trick or Treats the Saturday before Halloween. Because so many kids are sick now, the carnival was canceled. I guess no one decided to Trick or Treat either. Maybe they are planning on it next Saturday. At any rate, Charlie was dressed up and ready to receive Trick or Treators. Something made him decide to walk around like he was a zombie. By the time I got my camera, he was on his final lap, so I had to snap on the move. We had a blast laughing at him!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Charlie Dancing!

This was taken a little while back. This was before he started walking, but I found it in the pile that Seth converted so I could post. He's got some pretty cool moves, huh? He does this at church during Praise and Worship too. It's the cutest thing!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Are these leggings?

During Mom's visit, Charlie became very interested in her socks. They were so soft and furry and Charlie loved to touch them. So, she decided to put them on Charlie and see what he thought about them. He was entertained for quite some time. So were we!

What is this?

While Mom was here, she saw this "thing" while on the back porch. She called Seth out to ask what it was. It is a weather balloon. It flies about collecting data and then when it's done, it bursts. Another thing in life I did not know about.

4 wheeling with Daddy!

Saturday, we decided to ride 4 wheelers. We saw a heard of antelope along the way and paused for Charlie to ride with Daddy for a bit. Grandma, Mommy and Charlie rode on the mule. It was fun!

Charlie Walking!!!

This was the Saturday that Charlie decided to walk! We had so much with him that day! He got on a role and walked back and forth from Mommy to Daddy several times. We are so proud of him!!!

I came across this blog today and thought those of you who like giveaways would be interested! Have fun and good luck!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Charlie's Favorite Cabinet!

Charlie loves getting into the kitchen cabinet. Surprisingly, he doesn't mess with the cleaning products. I have a blind duster (never been used), a flash light and a swiffer duster that hang on the inside of the door. He loves to get these items. He has so much fun discovering them over and over again!

Our 1st freeze.

Last Saturday night was our 1st freeze of the season. The funny thing about West Texas weather? The next day it was 80 degrees!!!