Sunday, June 28, 2009

How charming!

I love receiving my mom's green thumb! Look at how charming our house looks now! The window boxes were an early Happy Birthday for me. I love our little home. Thanks Mom for all your hard work. I had so much fun spending time with you. I'm pretty sure my favorite part was getting to sleep in. No, wait, it was being able to take a nap. No, wait, it was being able to relax and be lazy while you had Charlie. No, wait, it was your charming flowering touches! We love you and miss you!


dstack said...

Oh what fun we had! You know me, I love diggin in the dirt! Oh how I miss yall too..... :(

Brook said...

Hey Katy!! It's been a long time. I'm glad you posted or it would be even longer! I'll have to follow your blog now. You have a very cute little family! Are you on Facebook by any chance?