Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Getting things done!

Here is my vine fence! I am way excited about this. It is on the east side of the house. Before long, I know this whole area will be covered. The clematis will have purple blooms.

Da boys at the middle tree.

This is the east tree. I remember getting this one. We wondered if it would live because one of the roots were broken. One branch didn't make it, but the other two did!

This is the middle tree. This one looked like a shrub when I got it. It has three main trunks, but with its new "haircut" you can tell it's a tree!

This is the west tree. It has grown the most since I got the trees in 2006! It is my tallest one. It is da boys favorite as well.

I love getting things done! My trees have needed pruning since I got them three years ago! While Mom was here, we took care of pruning everything! I am so proud to have my trees done! They actually look like trees now! I am excited to watch my vine fence as well. The clematis in the front has really taken off. It was older when I purchased it, but I feel that the purple will be a fast grower too. The boston ivy there has really grown as well. I planted it in one spot and two other groups came up this year. Along the fence line on the east side is crape myrtles, roses, horn vine, yellow jasmine and silver lace. They should all look pretty together. The blizzard killed off a lot of things this year or at the least delayed them until next year, so I have big hopes for next year without a blizzard in the Spring!

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