Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I am so sad to see 2008 go. In November of 2007, I was at a Women of Faith Conference in Oklahoma City. I knew then that 2008 was going to be my year. I remember telling a couple of Seth's cousins that big things were in store for me. The next month we discovered that we were pregnant :) A few months later, my last name changed :) I have seen so many prayers manifested this year. It seems that all my dreams came true! My husband and I are sitting on the couch waiting for the "ball to drop." We are in our cozy home. Our son is safely asleep in his crib. At the stroke of midnight I will kiss the love of my life and know that my cup runneth over.

Shrimp Boil at Dad's

We had lots of fun hanging out at Dad's. We got together on Christmas Eve for a shrimp boil. Some enjoyed oysters as well. Charlie enjoyed being held more. We took a trip to the barn to feed the horses and he was really letting Aunt Maggie have it! It also rained and a fog settled on the pond. We ended the evening playing games and opening presents.

Charlie Getting Patty Cakes!

While we were home we had Patty Cakes made! Did you know that ALL Patty Cakes in the US are sent to Montgomery, AL to be bronzed? Charlie did very well until they stuck his foot in the cold clay. He was quite upset for a while :(

Auburn Goodies!

Mary was a very good sport! She is an Alabama fan. On Charlie's gift tags she wrote from: roll tide. When I opened the gift, I found Auburn goodies!

Charlie in a Box!

Aunt Melissa's friend, Mary, makes Christmas boxes every year. I love being on the receiving end of that! This year Charlie received one. We had to have some fun and put him in their to see what he would do. He was very interested. His favorite thing to do was hunch over and look very closely at the inside and scratch it with his fingers. It was cute! Of course we were all amused by his every move!

Look At My Feet!

Charlie has found his feet! He loves to look and look at them. He loves laying on his back and kicking his legs. Then, he gets distracted when he finds his feet! It's the cutest thing. He is learning so much. Everything is fascinating in his little world.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Charlie's First Santa Visit!

While we were at the Bass Pro Shop, we visited Santa! Charlie did very well for his first Santa sighting. Daddy did well waiting in line too!

Bass Pro Shop

We visited the Bass Pro Shop while we were home! Charlie loved exploring all the sights. Seth found a hat for him that has "Red Head" on it! I love it! All the touring finally took it's toll on Charlie and he fell asleep!

Four Generations!

Family Photos!

This is the paternal side of Mommy. We have Dad, Susu, Aunt Maggie, Grannie and Papa, Aunt Valerie and Matt and Kyle. Matt and Kyle LOVE baseball. Both attend the University of Alabama. Matt (on the left) coaches baseball and Kyle (on the right) is the catcher for Alabama. We enjoyed hearing stories about Kyle's recent trip to Cuba to play baseball there. Yes, he returned with cigars!

Aunt Maggie!

Charlie saw Aunt Maggie for the first time on December 21st. Aunt Valerie had a get together for the family. Looks like college is suiting Aunt Maggie well-she is very pretty. She loved holding Charlie and he took well to her too. I love the first picture where he is just a looking at her!

The two Charlies!

This is Lincoln's Charlie too! Look at both of their BLUE eyes! Charlie was so good with my Charlie. I took video and I just love hearing his voice as he talks about my son and plays Peek-A-Boo with him-it is precious! Lincoln's wife, Sarah, is from England and you can hear her accent too. The video will be on Photobucket.

Grandpa and Grandma Stack-aka-Stackdaddy and Wild Mama Susu!

I surprised Susu with a visit to the Vet Clinic. Charlie had on a puppy dog outfit. Susu loved it. I came back for Susu's Christmas party and Dad was able to see him for the first time. I love the picture where they are first looking at each other!

Christmas on the Coosa!

Christmas on the Coosa is a BIG tradition back home. The Coosa is a river that runs through the town of Wetumpka. Mom sets up and sells her goodies. There is a BIG parade that comes through as well and they have a pageant for all the pretty girls to participate in. We found a small spot on the famous bridge there and watched the parade with my cousin Lincoln and two of his kids. It was COLD. The thermometer on my stroller told us that it was 48 degrees. I forget about the humidity back home. We had a lot of fun spending time with family and seeing all of Mom's goodies.