Friday, June 26, 2009

Riding the new lawnmower with Grandma!

Look how hard he's concentrating! Too cute!

One good thing about the Montgomery's: we love to share! My father in law bought this new lawn mower. Next to him, I was the first to try it out! I LOVE this thing! It will get a way from you though! Our back yard is HUGE and Seth grew tired of mowing it with a push mower! I made one phone call and the next thing I knew, this mowing machine was in my front yard waiting on me to use! I cut the grass in like three minutes! It was FAB! After watching me, Grandma grew curious and decided to take Charlie for a spin!

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dstack said...

Just one more of many, many firsts we'll share together! That Charlie just loves machines and gadgets. Hmmmm Wonder where he got that from???? NNNOOOOTTTT!