Thursday, June 18, 2009

I love this idea. I have found so many cool things by blogging. It's funny that I came across this post because I was composing a post in my head about Thursday. My child is asleep, I should be too, but I would rather spend time expelling my thoughts.

I am thankful for Thursday. On Thursday, I am home with my child. I get out of bed, go to his crib, pick up my love that is reaching for me and get back into bed. We play for a few minutes, loving this time together. That, in itself, would be enough to satisfy me. On Thursday, I clean my house. I love having a clean house. I know on Thursday, my child can eat off the kitchen floor. That's Mommy satisfaction! On Thursday, my husband will come home to a clean house. Because of Thursday's efforts, Saturday and Sunday will be spent together with my family. There's more to Thursday than what is listed here, but I will save that for postings to come.

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maggs said...

this is nicely written. Aw i will be there on a thursday and i will get to clean and eat off the kitchen floor too! YAY!