Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Close encounter!

I thought I was going to die today. I was praying to my Lord during a bad storm I ran right into. I left I40 when winds became so strong that big trucks were pulling over. Thanks be to God that I just happened to be at the Bushland exit when this happened. I exited off and sought the first area of refuge I could find. Cars lined the exit ramp and main road in Bushland. I pulled into the Bushland Mercantile. This just happens to be next to the elevators. Strong winds are even stronger near elevators. The first strong wind came through and I thought my car was going to flip over. The next wind hit and I really became nervous. I pulled into a parking space at the Bushland Mercantile. I watched as the employees frantically rushed to bring in pots and plants before they were blown away. They had to receive assistance with opening and closing the doors. As the winds continued their threats, I sat in my car, rocking, wondering if I was going for a roll. More cars pulled into the parking lot and people ran into the store to seek refuge. I remained in my car, praying for safety as each thrust became more violent. As an employee hurriedly locked the store doors, I felt isolated. I decided to make a run for it and seek refuge as well. At least I wouldn't go alone! The wind grabbed my door as I opened it and violently threw it against my car. I ran to the doors and knocked while trying to stay afoot. At last I entered safety. I breathed a sigh of relief just in time to witness another woman curl down to the floor terrified. She was from Kansas and was convinced a tornado was coming for us. I looked up to see the ceiling tiles furiously rise up and down. The owner, standing behind the counter called out, "This building will sustain 100mph winds." We all felt it was being pushed to its limit. I called my father in law seeking comfort, "Is there a tornado heading this way?" I found comfort in his words. I was in the midst of a hail storm, not a tornado. This line was producing heavy winds and hail. No tornado was expected. "Stay there and in about 15-20 minutes, it will be over." He was right. I stayed occupied by shopping. I left the store expressing my gratitude to the owner and her employees. When I returned to my car, the winds left their effects by bending my door so that I could not open it from the outside or inside. I didn't care, I was safe again. I drove home calling my husband and my sister, telling them my story. Thank you Lord for keeping us safe!


dstack said...

Oh Thank you Lord for taking care of them!

maggs said...

AH i was worried to death when u called! Im so glad all of yall are safe! I know my lil drama queen self would of had a heart attack!