Saturday, July 10, 2010

More time with May May!

Whatcha lookin' at May May?

Ready for my ride!

Scootin' on the ground!

Love the way they are looking at each other!

Giving a shout out to passer bys!

Let me help you May May!


Operating my "machine!"

Gettin' the hang of it!

Seeing how it tastes (of course)!

Precious thang!

Lovin' the sparkler!
And...then he's bored AGAIN! Love that attention span!

My window boxes! I threw them in just for fun!

A little of this and a little of that...

Telling Concho he's a good boy!

Wondering what is under there and if he can actually fit!

Following the "cow" in him!

His nose was running that day and he was letting us know!

He loves to write, mostly on himself, but we are working on that!

It's summertime and that means outdoor time! Charlie is learning how to "control" the dogs. He pets them when they are good-pretty much all of the time. Elvis you just have to let slide, but Concho, he is obedient! Here he is twice the size of Charlie and he sits when he tells him to and he gets back when he tells him to and he goes on when he tells him to. I love that dog!

When Nana leaves...

In action! Doesn't it look fun?


Pausing to watch Olivia! I love these little hands of his.

That's Nana with a soft a. He sure did come up with his own name for her! The sis and I were visiting about how it was "funny" that Seth's mom's name was Nina and Charlie comes up with Nana for my mom.
It is a ritual of sorts for Charlie to ride Nana's suitcase when she arives. Of course it doesn't stop just when she arives, it continues on as long as the suitcases are visible. Gotta love little boys!