Friday, June 12, 2009

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

The Newlywed Chronicles

I will bite my tongue.”

Some would say I married late in life, tying the knot just two months shy of turning 30. I wanted to get married, but I wanted to make sure that I made the right choice in doing so. I did not want to live with a wrong decision for the rest of my life. So, I took my time in choosing a mate and made many observations along the way.

My profession is heavily populated with women. I have been exposed to women who have been married for many years, women who have just begun their marriages and women who have ended their marriages. I listened as all of them vented about characteristics they did not favor in their husbands. One particular trait stands out in my mind. Several women came to work often frustrated with their husbands lack of ability to pick his dirty clothes up off the floor. They just could not understand why in the world they were able to achieve so many things in their lives, but could not master putting their clothes in the dirty clothes. I would listen to their frustrations, walk away and say to myself, “If I ever get married, I will be glad to pick my husbands dirty clothes off the floor.”

Not yet being married, I would daydream about serving my husband. I pictured having supper cooked every night for him as he walked through the door. I longed to welcome him home with a clean house. I could not wait to be able to fill his tea glass as we enjoyed eating together.

I have been blessed with a husband. I am now able to serve this man that I love. He is a smart man, whom I admire. I tell myself that each time I pick his dirty clothes up off the floor. I do not always have supper waiting for him. The house is not always clean. I do not always have tea made. Every week, without fail, I pick his dirty clothes up off the floor. I think about the days when I was single and wanted to have a husband to pick up after. Each time I find another clothing item on the floor I say to myself, “I will bite my tongue.”


dstack said...

How very wise you are Katy! I'm amazed at each article week in and week out. You're talent is becoming more and more evident. Can't wait to see what the next door of your life has behind it.

maggs said...

sisi you are so good at writng! i am hooked on these! they have all been excellent! the stories u tell are so neat and u write them so well! i bet u get so many complaments, vega is an excellent town to write for!