Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I love this onesie!

Charlie looks so cute in this onesie, don't you think?! I had to capture this. Maybe it will come in handy one day when he is a teenager and has forgotten. I can pull this pic out and remind him! As you can see, he is still mesmerized by his hands. I put his face in just for good measure and to make yall smile. Isn't he such a pure blessing?

Froggies on my toes!

I thought these little socks were so cute. As soon as I put them on Charlie's feet, he whooped them right up to his face to take a good look. Then, right to the mouth they went! I guess they tasted good too.

Cozy Coverup!

It has been very cold here the past few days. When we headed out this morning, I put Charlie in this cozy coverup. He wasn't that into having his picture taken, but I just couldn't pass up this moment.

Not very interested!

Hopefully, we will not have to struggle with weaning Charlie from the bottle! The only time he gets a bottle is when he is with the nanny. She says that he takes it well, but when he is with Mommy and Daddy, he is just not that interested. You can see here how he prefers to spend his time!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sunday visit to Grandpa's!

After church, we headed to Grandpa's for lunch. We never miss any opportunity to take pics! We had a great time filling our bellies and discussing the recent snow. Like every other day in our lives, Charlie was the star!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Charlie's Teeth are Popping Through!

Charlie's teeth are making their debut! I was snacking on some miniature rice cakes and decided to rub them on Charlie's gums and let him suck on them. I felt his two bottom teeth when I rubbed the rice cake across his gums! I looked real good and I saw the very tip of his teeth poking through. I didn't take pics because you really can't see them from the camera. I will give them a day or two and take pics then. Congratulations Charlie!

More Tummy Time!

Making Chili!

Charlie LOVES his jumparoo!

Cross Wall!

My church has a cross wall, Maggie has a cross wall, and now we have a cross wall!


This is my attempt at stenciling!

Charlie's Gums!

I wanted to take some pics of my sweet thing's mouth before his teeth come in. I know it will only be a matter of days before they make their debut! He's happy here, but he has really been working on getting those teeth to come!

During the Blizzard!

View from living room window.

You can see the snow bowing!

It's blowing pretty good here!

View from laundry room window.

Charlie's windows.

It's so gray out!

Light Blizzard

We received a blizzard Friday. Unlike a steady snowfall with even snow on the ground, the strong winds of a blizzard cause drifts. In some areas there was hardly any snow and in others, it would have been up to my chest. Seth went to have fun with friends by pulling them behind his pickup on a sled. He said that some of the drifts on the edge of town would have covered his pickup. I would love to drive around and see some of the larger drifts, but we are stuck in our house. Our drift in the driveway prohibits us from leaving. We did not lose power and are warm and cozy in our home.