Monday, June 8, 2009

Teething is hard work!

Poor Charlie! I had no idea teething was this bad. When his bottom two teeth came in, it was a breeze. I braced myself preparing for the worse, but was pleasantly surprised. Now that his top two teeth are coming in, it's a real struggle for him. Our happy baby has taken a leave of absence. We miss him so much. After running a fever all weekend and pulling at his ears, I called the doctor and scheduled a visit for today. To our relief, Charlie did not have an ear infection. He just has a bad case of the teething. He is exhausted every day from crying and screaming. So are we. He tries to be happy, but soon falls victim to another shot of pain. I've given him Tylenol, Motrin and tonight resorted to Baby Orajel. His appetite has decreased and he shows no interest in chewing on things or sucking on cold teething rings or ice. He doesn't even want to nurse. He tries, but resorts to crying. He is able to receive some nourishment from the bottle, but that is only temporary. To make matters worse, while he was standing in his crib, he hit his two teeth and made one bleed. That was a sad moment. He did allow us to place a frozen teething ring on his gums then. Seth and I took turns holding him tonight. While I was holding him, he would flinch his arms and scream, cry for a minute, then flinch and scream again. That's when I resorted to the Orajel. He will only sleep on me during this phase. If I lay him down, he wakes up screaming. Praise the Lord he will sleep in his crib at night! Please pray for comfort and ease for our little one.

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dstack said...

Ohhhhh poor baby AND poor Mommie and Daddy. Wish I was there to help. Don't worry, I'm helping here all I can and will spread the word. All this gives "growing pains" true meaning. :<(