Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 10 Months Charlie!

I had to give him something to keep him occupied. Otherwise he was trying furiously to get down!

Leaning over to take a closer look!

What he's been doing a lot of lately!

Today our little one is 10 months! Wow!!! Where has the time gone? Here's a few ideas: changing diapers, nursing, bottle feeding, burping, bathing, feeding baby food, teething, learning to roll, learning to crawl, learning to pull up, bouncing in the bouncer, jumping in the jumparoo, walking in the walker, giggling, speaking baby babble, and TEETHING! Our baby is a busy boy! We do our best as his parents to nurture him along the way. We love our new responsibilities. We love being Charlie's Mommy and Daddy. This month he has mastered crawling. As soon as we put him down, off he goes. He crawls to the nearest object he can pull up on. So far he pulls up on the couch, love seat, coffee table, recliner, crib rails, chest of drawers, bathtub, bathroom vanity and his favorite: the foot stool to the recliner. He loves that thing. You may recall the post where he was sucking and biting on the stool. That stool is his new found love. Before we know it, he will be crawling up on the stool to get onto the recliner. We are no longer able to put him down and go into another room to grab something. He goes where ever we go. He has 4 teeth. Two on the bottom and two on the top. He loves to swim and spend time outside. He loves playing with the dogs and has become more aggressive with them by reaching out and grabbing. They tolerate it well. We have all learned to guard our feet when he is in the walker. He is a speed demon and takes off furiously until he runs into something and our feet have fallen victim one too many times. He has learned to turn corners in his walker and is able to follow us down the hall and into the doorway of whatever room we are in. He has discovered that he can pull magnets off the refrigerator and loves doing this. He loves to throw things and have Mommy and Daddy give them back to him for him to throw them again. He loves copying noises we make. He is reaching for us now. He can almost wave. He sticks his arm out with his hand spread and twists it back and forth. This only happens when he wants to. He is unable to do this on command. He has said "Ma, Ma" a few times, but only by accident I fear. His favorite word remains "Da, Da." He loves to pat on things and shake raddlers. When he shakes a raddler, he looks over to us with a big smile on his face, so proud of what he is doing. This is absolutely precious! He is our favorite person to be with (outside of each other), and our favorite way to spend our time. We thank God everday for our miracle and the chance to be parents.


dstack said...

I too am so very thankful you have your family now Kate. Nothing in life has made me happier - cept when I had you! Life is definitely good!

maggs said...

wow i am missing out on so much! this makes me sad but i could not be happier for you and ur family! Charlie is perfect in every way and i remember when we were both younger we would think about marraige and having a family and everything we thought of was just so so compared to this wonderful wonderful life you have! Congrats i admire u and your amazing family