Friday, June 19, 2009

1.) Grab your current read. Let the book fall open to a random page and share two “teaser” sentences from that page, somewhere between lines 7 and 12.

After a time (I'm resorting to human terms again), we started moving together right up to the gate. No one said it, but I simply knew God had sent all those people to escort me inside the portals of Heaven.

I am reading 90 Minutes in Heaven. It has been a great read for me. I have used it with several of my patient's families to provide comfort as their loved one is about to enter the portals of Heaven. I love how God uses His creation to comfort and "love on" others. The fear of the unknown gets me at times. Learning about one man's entrance into Heaven eases my mind.

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maggs said...

that is the book i had to read for my english 1 class. it was wonderful, im not sure if u remember me telling u about it. I loved it and i def gave me a piece of mind and i had a hard time putting it down at my bedtime. I also had to make a project based on the story and i used a thick poster board and made a road curving up a mountain and cows in the pasture and completey destroyed a car just like the one in the book. I had a good time running over the car and hitting it w a hammer lol. those lil things are tuffer than they appear to be. But i ending up making a 100 on my project and presentation! But anyways enjoy it!