Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas at home.

Aunt Melissa and Charlie peeking under the tree! This is a tradition in our family. Usually it's me looking under her tree!

Charlie points out his favorite picture on the calendar page.

A very special present for all of us!

A neat frame for Daddy. You should've seen his face when he pulled out just the hand from the box! It took us all a minute to figure out what it was!

A great toy plane for Charlie. He loves playing with this. The propeller spins and lights up!

A precious antique rocking chair for Charlie!

A rocking horse that moves his head, neighs and plays a galloping tune!

Charlie's turn in the peanuts!

Sorry Elvis, but we just had to do this to you!

We thought it wise to celebrate Christmas prior to leaving for CO. Hauling ALL that stuff would just be too much! We gathered at our house for the celebration as most of the gifts were for Charlie (of course)! We had a blast opening gifts and watching Charlie play with his. Santa came early and treated us right good!

The innocence of a child.

Don't you love the innocence of children? Such an awesome gift it is to be a parent. Christmas is magical to me. It was magical when I was a child and now, the cycle continues. Next year will prove so exciting and will continue to grow in the years to come. Thank you Lord for this blessing.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sweet Moment!

We enjoyed several of these moments on our trip. Here, Charlie is helping Nana apply her night cream!

A Homemade Christmas!

Our homemade tree!

My favorite garland we strung!

A very special ornament.

Ornaments Aunt Melissa made.

I can't actually say that our Christmas was entirely homemade, but it was close enough to call it that. All of our decorations were homemade (semi). We added lights of course (not homemade) and some very special ornaments (semi homemade). I can only take credit for the colorful paperloops. The family did everything else!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Playing with editing.

I got a NEW laptop for Christmas! I am so proud to have this thing. Of course, it would be so nice if I new how to use it to its potential, but we can't have everything we want in life. My new computer came with photoshop-a program I desperately need. Have I been using it? NO, instead I have been toying with the photo editing that comes with it. Then, I found Picnik via a friend's blog and LOVE it! It's super user friendly. I know, I know, with photoshop I should look nowhere else right? It's just that I am NOT techno savvy and photoshop is going to take some learning how to use. Another thing I have noticed about my new laptop is that the colors on it are very different than on other computers. I edited some of my photos and then looked on hubby's computer and was like WOW-hit me in the eye with the color! Not exactly what I intended. So, the laptop and I are going to have to spend some time together making friends with one another. If only I didn't need to sleep-I could get so much more done!

I love this colorful medly that peers through each window in our home. It's such a calm presence offering a friendly hello.

Our Merry Home!

Window treatments.

What do you thing about my snowball curtains? I LOVE them :}

Our stockings hung with care!

Top of the hutch. I love bright, vivid colors!

Centerpiece for dining room table.

I am a fan of colorful Christmas balls!

Hot chocolate station!

See me in the mirror?
I love these little balls! They are so fun to me!

Top of the entertainment center.

Our tree!

By now you know I absolutely love Christmas time. Our house comes to life as each decoration is put into place. I dream of having a fireplace to hang our stockings one day and a quaint corner begging for a tree to fill its space. It will happen, soon enough and we will look back on these happy days we shared in our tiny home!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sending warm and cozy thoughts!

I just love Christmas so. Every year I am SO excited for its arrival and SO sad for its departure. I am one of those people that continue to listen to CDs when the Christmas music is no longer played on the radio. I leave my lights and tree up until sometime after New Years. I continue to burn apple cinnamon scented candles for the next couple of months. My sister will be coming sometime in February to relocate to Texas! I am so excited about this. She always loves to see my decortations, so I vowed to leave them up, lights and all, until her arrival. Our Christmas Spirit lives on!

Christmas Lunch

Neat shot. Love the antique mirror.

We decided to have Christmas lunch out. With this Christmas being full of new routines, we added lunch to the list. We asked around and were referred to Ole Miner's Steakhouse. It was a lovely place to dine. Charlie was surprisingly well behaved for a public outing that included waiting and sitting. I think he charmed everyone in his Santa outfit!

One Cute Santa!

Aunt Melissa bought this Santa outfit for our little man to wear. Boy did it come to life when he put it on! He came running into the room so proud of himself. We loved showing him off!