Friday, June 12, 2009

Some things are the same!

When I was pregnant, I couldn't wait to see what Charlie looked like. I wanted so much for him to look like me. I was so excited about having a child and seeing what features we shared. When the nurse laid Charlie near my face in the delivery room, I immediately noticed his birthmark on his forehead. Most mothers would say things like, "Oh how precious is my baby. Look at my little miracle. I love you!" I said, "He has a birthmark like mine!" I was so excited! Then, I saw Seth's baby pictures and had to surrender. The ONLY thing Charlie had that looked like me were the birthmarks on his forehead and nape of his neck. When we first brought Charlie home, Seth and I spent so much time just studying him. We were in awe. We discovered his little feet and laughed. They are EXACTLY like Seth's. From the way his toenails are shaped to the movement of his toes. They are identical.


dstack said...

Two Seths! How good is that?! But you'll discover - more and more - how very much like you he is my Sweet. What a wonderful human being he's going to become!

maggs said...

aw! it is so neat to see two wonderful people combined and out comes a mericale! well i cant figure out how to spell that! lol wow thats sad, im in college and cant spell! bless my heart