Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye Grandma?

Grandma, do you have to leave today?

Lunching at Leals.

We had fun on the patio!

At the tire store!

The Lord works in mysterious ways! On our way to the airport to see Grandma off, we detoured to the Walmart. While leaving the parking lot, we discovered that I had a flat. A major flat. One that could not be fixed. Ben and Fidel gave it their best efforts, but my mom still missed her flight home. Excited, we returned home to spend just one more night together. We enjoyed lunching at Leals before the big event. We concluded our day in town with getting another tire. In this case, the warranty came in VERY handy!

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maggs said...

aw this is sweet! and what a
ca-whence-a-dence! Mrs. Debbie and Charlie are kinda matching...i like all the bright colors in their outfits!