Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our last moments with Nana.

In all the excitement during our visit from Nana, we did manage to take a few posed pics! We miss you Nana!
I am growing lavendar in my kitchen window. I was a bit excited to see this sprout stretch up and say hello!

Reading is fun!

He can only go so long without being silly.

If you know my child, you know what he is doing here ;}

Charlie LOVES his night night. His night night is full of little red fuzzies. Charlie LOVES to pick off these fuzzies and put them UP HIS NOSE!
Before bed time each night, Charlie picks out a book, usually two or three and we read to him. He LOVES to read and sometimes, takes the initiative himself!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

After much search, dedication and deliberation, the student has learned again! I discovered textures!!! I know, I'm sliding in a little late here, but HEY, at least I'm sliding in!

Friday, September 10, 2010

I learned yet another trick!

Really, I try not to speak of my weaknesses often. I mean, is it flattering to do so? One could argue no. I have a confession-I did not know how to "antique" an image. There! I said it! My secret is out. With the weight of the world off my shoulders, I can continue. Is it common for anyone else that in the quiet, still hours of the night, we learn? I have learned. I can rest.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Charlie's 2nd Birthday!

Helping make the brownies to celebrate him! He's a wonderful helper!
Ups! Got to take a break to eat some of the chocolate chips!
There's the thumbs up! The chocolate chips were a hit!
Going for the spoon!

The evidence!

Letting his fingers play too!

Going for a birthday ride on the sprayer with Papa!
Bye Mama!

Visiting with Papa about going for a ride on another tractor!
The negotiating is done!

Love this look! Ha!
Testing his skills on the 4wheeler.

He can turn this and any other thing with a key on and off!
Cheyenne is even getting some lovin'!
Papa is messin' with me!

Getting ready to light the "cake!"
He was over excited to blow the candle out, so we had to light it another few times so Mama could get some pics!
Birthday boy!
Make a wish!

Diggin' in, somewhat gently!
Here Mama!
Opening the presents!
Reaching deep!
A tractor!

Checking out his new shaving kit!

Looking in his mirror!
Really checking out his new shaving kit!

Here Dadda, I'll help you!

Now Dadda helps me!

In addition to celebrating Charlie's birthday while we were in AL, we celebrated it here too. What a lucky kid, right? Charlie LOVES baking and helping Mommy in the kitchen, so we made brownies instead of a cake. Did I mention he loves chocolate as much as I do? His favorite thing right now is riding tractors. He LOVES riding tractors! Papa celebrated his birthday by taking him for a ride on two! Charlie loves the movie Cars and also went home with a big Lightening McQueen. He and Daddy shave together and rub their faces when they're done and say, "smooth." This occurance fills my heart! He is so proud to have his own shaving kit. We had a very fun night celebrating our most precious gift.