Sunday, May 31, 2009

Charlie's first swim!

With Grandma before the big swim!

The water is a little too cool at first!

Splashing is fun!

I love my float!

I love to reach!

Away I go!

Just chillin'!

The pool opened Saturday! We were so excited that Grandma was here for another first! Aunt Melissa bought this cute float that Charlie just LOVED! Soon, it was the envy of many kids! He figured out how to use the float as a walker and away he went! Charlie loved that water and we all had a great time together!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Charlie Crawling!

Charlie crawled the first night Grandma was here (5/28/09)! What perfect timing! He received lots of encouragement from Daddy and Uncle Heath. Today, we sat him on the floor and away he went. He's becoming quite the pro! Now, my days will be filled with chasing after him! We already run from him when he's in his walker. He rares back and GOES for it in that thing! My feet have laid prey too many times! Just today he figured out how to maneuver from the kitchen to the hall, turning two corners. He was so proud of himself!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Grilling with Daddy!

We broke in our new grill today! Daddy grilled steaks, ribs and corn. It was fabulous! Grandpa and Laurie joined us as well. We finished the meal off with peach cobbler and chocolate covered strawberries for me!

Biking with Grandma!

We decided to head out for a Vega stroll. After Mommy biked for awhile, Grandma decided to take her turn at it. It was successful! We rode around town, stopped to visit with some friends and shopped at Taylor's Vega Market before making it home.

Breakfast with Grandma.

After finishing his breakfast, Charlie decided to join his grandma on the couch for her breakfast. He had bananas and oatmeal and she had bananas and cereal.

Daddy's birthday with Grandma!


Grandma arrived bearing gifts! We celebrated Daddy's birthday the first night she was here. I made shrimp scampi that we all enjoyed. Thank you Grandma for this continued celebration! In his new found monkey spirit, Charlie enjoyed pushing and sprawling with his legs and feet.

Chocolate covered strawberries are delicious!

We decided to make chocolate covered strawberries while Grandma was here. Dark chocolate is my fav, so I decided to use that. I LOVE dark chocolate, so I coated and triple coated the strawberries. They are fabulous, but only for the true chocolate lovers. You can see that we all indulged and had a marvelous time doing so. I am the only trooper that continues to eat them. The three layers of dark chocolate has proven too strong for the others.

Charlie loves strawberries!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

The floor doesn't give!

In Charlie's efforts to crawl, he decided to headbutt the kitchen floor! He was on all fours, rared back and pounded his head right into the floor. Seth was nearby watching his progress when this occurred. Of course, I had to get a few pics of his battle scar! He is doing so good with crawling. He is able to army crawl and has crawled a couple of steps as well. He starts out with crawling a couple of movements and returns to his army crawl. He still loves to have his butt in the air with his forehead on the ground. I guess he thinks he has a good view that way.

Hanging from the shower rod!

Look how strong our boy is!

My father in law LOVES to tease me, CONSTANTLY! I find it difficult to tell when he is being serious. He loves to tell the story of Seth hanging from the shower rod. They have a picture of it. What you can't see in their picture is Kim supporting Seth's legs. So, Seth decided it was Charlie's time for this "right of passage." I was busy doing something else and Seth asked me to come look. I did fine until Seth "supported" Charlie by placing his hands on the bottom of Charlie's feet. Charlie is much stronger than I thought, but as soon as he went to wobbling, I grabbed him and stopped the excitement.