Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is this outfit for a boy or girl?

I love this pear shaped look!

Always in motion!

Look at that tongue!!!
I love this face of his! He's so curious when I have my camera out! I was using a prime lense here, so I couldn't adjust the focal length. You can also see that I was using a wide aperture, thus the shallow depth of field.

Everything is worth exploring!

The fun of being a child!

What a shot! See that spot on the back of his right calf? That is not a burn. It is a mesquito bite! I thought it was a spider bite, so much so that we made a trip to the doctor. It looks so much better here.

The poor kid. He's just not happy! Forgive the mess, we went to Sams and I have not put everything up yet!
I just love the scalloped bottom!

I love this outfit. I love the way it gives Charlie a pear shape! Yall should know I am married to a manly man. There is nothing metrosexual about hubby. Having said that, he thinks that outfits such as this one look like dresses, and that is what he calls them...dresses. You can imagine his excitement when he learned Charlie would be wearing this to church. In his good nature, he just grins and bears it. Hubby figures that he will have his turn when Charlie is older, as that is just what I have told him. I only have this one window to do this to him and I intend on using it to the fullest! Hubby said he was asked, by more than one person, this morning if this outfit was for a boy or girl.

Summer Time....and the living is easy!

Not at all happy with his decision to run through the sprinklers!

He finally found his way out and to Mommy!

Not having luck finding his way out!
They looked so harmless in the beginning!

Daddy decided to give it a go!

Ooooh, he's getting so big.

Someone else has children too! I have counted 5 little fury heads in here.
Charlie hears them during feeding time and says, "Bir" and points. He loves to stand at the door and watch them.

Efforts of my green thumb haven't failed me yet!

I have two rosebushes that replinish my bud vases regularly.

This was a wonderful weekend for us. We enjoyed time together. We also cut open a watermelon on the back patio. We decided that watermelon is Charlie's new found love!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthdy Daddy!

Tuesday was hubby's birthday. My man is inching his way to 30! I tell him that he's a freak of nature because his body is the same since high school and he doesn't age. Like I was saying, we recently celebrated hubby's birthday. He loves cheesecake, so I made one just before he arrived home. I tried to clean up all the evidence before his arrival, but failed miserably as noted here!!! I just couldn't rob our little one of all this joy he had found!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's all about a boy.

Charlie received his 1st back pack in a care package. Inside, treasures are kept! One of Charlie's favorite things to do is draw. Fully equiped with washable markers and paper, his back pack is never too far out of his reach!

Charlie loves to be read to as well. All boy, he equally enjoys jumping on the bed, any bed! We have a lot of fun on the weekends blowing up our air mattress and spending time laid up in the living room. We have a lot of fun just being together, period.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

More subtle edits.

I am capable of performing more subtle changes! Learning just what PSE 8 can do is very addicting. As I "speak" I am sitting at my computer, rejecting the piles of laundry that need tending to, the floors that need attention, the bathrrom that needs get the idea. How do I justify all this time I spend? Hopefully, in the NEAR future, it will PAY off!
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, I would like to tell you just what changes I made. I added clouds. How fun, right?! I also whitened the teeth, added color and gloss to the lips, gave her smooth skin and blended the light. I didn't even go ALL out and make it look like a glamour shot!

Friday, May 14, 2010

How About Some DRAMA!!!



I am a COLORHOLIC!!! I love COLOR! I love the DRAMA of the effect. I like to see a photograph and I like the photograph to see me. You know what I mean? I like it just on the edge of unbelievable. It's a little much for most people, but then there's those that will drool! Here's to yall-my soul sistas!

Much to the dismay of my family, I have severely neglected my blog. The good news is that I have been keeping busy and productive in its absence! I headed into my final exam with a 98 average in my photography class. My goal was to finish with the highest score. Myself and another student were neck and neck throughout the semester. I do not know that I will truly know who finished in what order, so lets just go ahead and give myself the credit! (Hehe!) My class was very educational and fun! We bonded and hosted the 1st ever pot luck as we viewed our final projects-slideshows! We will miss one another. I have also started a photography blog, which you all are aware of. A lady in our community that owns a precious shop has agreed to allow me to hang a gallery wrap in her boutique as advertisement! I love these pics of my sis, you can visit my photography blog to view the other shots from the shoot. The trouble is that I cannot figure out which one I want to hang. I would love to learn your input!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Chicken Salad Hits the Spot!

Charlie went from being an excellent eater to being a picky eater to be a good eater to being get the picture. Meal times haven't always gone smooth for us. I am pleased to say that he seems to be more stable as he ages. I don't think the boy is going to go hungry, to say the least. Among other things, he loves chicken salad. His favorite part: feeding himself!!!