Friday, June 26, 2009

Focus Friday

Is it Friday already?
I met my goal~kinda! I weeded my plants along the fence (with the help of my mother)! I did not make it to the front flower bed. As for mulching, haven't even given it much thought! Did I mention that I have been sick? Does that count for something? I haven't managed to do much of anything except get plenty of rest. So, my goal shall carry over to next Friday. Hopefully, I will have completed this one task by then! I am also focusing on capturing lots of cute pics of my mom with our little man! I will post them soon. You know I am faithful with the pics!

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Molly said...

Hi Katy! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Oh my gosh, your little boy is sooo precious! :) I love your thermostat dress-up idea too.