Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Mommy Confessions

I have been doing a lot of thinking about what I want in my blog. Do I want it to be filled with all positives? Do I want it to depict true life? Do I want it to reflect my life so much so that those that are not near can feel near? ~Sordof~

I spend a lot of time in my car on the days I work. I have become addicted to Talk Radio. I hesitated about going political on my blog. What if I become famous or involved in politics one day and someone uses my blog against me? ~Did she just write that?~

Here's my confession!
I love Sarah Palin! She impresses me more and more. I love that she's a mother. I love that she's a hunter. I love that she continually defeats evil. I love that she AINT SCARED! This woman has been attacked since the day she became a Republican announced her candidacy. She has held her head high and remained true to her roots. The most recent attack came from David Letterman. He poorly suggested that her 14 year old daughter became "knocked up" in an inning of the Yankess baseball game. A mother could react in a variety of ways to such a vulgar, public attack on her daughter. React is exactly what Sarah Palin did. She exposed herself to an interview with Matt Lauer. After numerous attacks by him defending David Letterman, Sarah Palin stood her ground. She did not fall victim to the Liberal's scheme! I am so proud of this "pit bull" of a woman! She even took this opportunity to address the decline in self esteem amoung our young women and held David Letterman accountable for his actions in degrading young women everywhere! She defended her honor, she defended her child's honor, she defended the honor of young women. In the words of Sean Hannity: Sarah Palin is a GREAT AMERICAN!

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maggs said...

this writing is great! she amazes me and i can see alot that u 2 have in common! she is a strong indepent women is going to make a huge difference one day and i think she is just what the world needs! parts of her personality also remind me of susu! lol