Friday, July 17, 2009

Officially, the LAST bag.

The finished product!

Precious times!

"The bottle."

Warming one last time.

One stage comes to an end.

When I picked Charlie up Tuesday, I told the nanny what a hard time I had with finishing the breast milk. We kept a good supply with her as well. It just so happened that she had one more bag. My eyes lit up with excitement. I felt like the end wasn't here. I grabbed the bag and headed home. This was the biggest event for the day! Staying true to who I am, I photographically captured this blessed event. For a moment, my hope was restored and new life was breathed into me. I no longer felt depleted, but refreshed. I had received my right of passage to continue onto the next stage in my child's life. Yes, all this from one more bag of milk.

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