Tuesday, July 21, 2009


The Girls

Getting a closer look.

We had so much fun taking pics! We headed out, with Charlie in tow, to discover our canvas. He slept through just about all of the picture taking. Maggie had the clever idea to get in a stock tank. Boy, what an experience! The pics look like it was a piece of cake, not so much. Because the windmill pumps the water from far down in the ground, it was very cold! There was also lots of marsh in the tank. Maggie was determined that some kind of critter was going to get her. When she finally settled in the water I was 100 years old, the cattle had lost interest, gone away and come back. I think a new set of calves had been born too! I named the interested cattle, "The Girls." The Girls were lined up wondering what in the world we were doing in their drinking water! They are momma cows (still with their calves), so I was especially cautious about them. I must say, The Girls were well mannered. At any rate, while I was standing in front of The Girls clicking away, I was convinced that their leader (I named Tessa) was going to butt me into the stock tank. Focusing on Maggie, I could have sworn at least 18 times the noises I was hearing was Tessa coming for me. I really did not want to go for a swim. Granted The Girls kept getting closer and closer, they didn't make it within arms reach of me. To add more comic to the shoot, I kept having to crawl through the barbed wire fence and got snagged with my butt in the air at least twice. Maggie couldn't help so it took me awhile to get untangled. By the end of the shoot, my camera, hands and feet were muddy. All in all, iT wAs a bLaSt!

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