Thursday, July 23, 2009

1st bottle of whole milk.

As yall are aware, I struggled with Charlie graduating from the breast, then breast milk and now to whole milk. What I didn't realize was how convenient it is! I just poor milk into a bottle! On Wednesday, 7/22/09, Charlie took his 1st bottle of whole milk. I have been mixing his oatmeal with whole milk for the past couple of weeks to introduce him to the taste. He took the bottle well, but only if it was slightly warmed. I still get to share in my precious bottle times with my child. I used to let Seth bottle feed him. Recently, I became acutely aware that this stage was about to end :( It seemed like he was going to nurse forever, making it a common occurrence. I try to recall just what he looked like when he nursed and I fear that my memory will fail me. (We didn't get any pics of that) Now, I try to photographically imprint what he looks like when he is bottle feeding. Maybe one of these days I will catch up with his growth rate, but something tells me Seth will be nursing me through every step, giving it his best at comforting me. ~Yall pray for Seth!~


Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

Oh... what a sweet post. I so remember feeling that exact way. Such precious time when they are nursing and those sweet little faces. You won't forget though. They will grow up a little and do something with an expression, and you'll have a little flash backward and totally remember. Mine are 8 and 6, and even now I can remember that time. I think there is just a bond that forms that your mind doesn't ever break.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Momma Hopes said...

oh, I loveee all the pictures you have! they are beautiful! Who's taking them??