Monday, July 20, 2009

Alabama Accent

From Montgomery, AL to Mrs. Montgomery

Long Live Blue Grass!”

I come from a long line of music lovers. I grew up listening to stories about front porch pickin' and singing. I learned about jugs and rubber bands used as instruments. Not having the privilege to grow up in the same manner, I was fascinated by these stories and longed to be in them. I would picture myself on one of “those” front porches just a pickin' and a grinnin' with the best of them.

When I first read about the Blue Grass Festival, I was so excited! I thought to myself, “This is so appropriate for Vega!” Listening to Blue Grass takes me back to a simpler time in life. It fills my mind with pleasant thoughts. Before television, cell phones, and even electricity, families gathered together to give their best efforts at being their own band.

I am so thankful that tradition carries on! My family and I received a piece of that tradition this weekend. I was pleasantly surprised when I parked, got out of my car and had a very nice man on a golf cart waiting to escort my son and I. That was a well appreciated amenity! When Charlie was ready to leave, that same man escorted us back to our car. We decided to make the festival a family event the next day. We entered the park loaded with stroller, chair, mat and Charlie's necessities. We claimed our share of the park and basked in the melodious atmosphere. We briefly visited with new friends Charlie acquired, and took a moment to explore the playground. My heart smiled as he squealed with excitement from being pushed in the swing.

Our city park was satisfied this weekend. It hosted most of its family, along with many distant family members. We were gathered together for one common purpose. As the music played, I thought about all “those” front porches from long ago. I smiled and my mind screamed, “Long live Blue Grass!”

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dstack said...

Great article Kate! Life sure was simpler back then. Oh the good ole days!