Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Last of Mommy's Milk :(

The last bag.

Oh, the time I spent labeling these!

Our warming method!

Those big cups are no longer needed.

The last bottle of breast milk.

My view of bottle time.

Let me began by saying that change isn't my thing. My husband has been giving his best efforts at preparing me for the changes in motherhood since we discovered we were pregnant. My heart began to hurt at 4 mos when I noticed my milk supply decreasing. I was somewhat appeased when 6 mos rolled around and I no longer had to get up in the night to pump. God blessed with me with being a good producer. I give all the credit to my dark chocolate habit! My father in law has a BIG deep freeze and I filled up 1/2 of it with my milk. He thought I was never going to quit bringing milk out there! Seriously, there was a lot of milk. Just ask him! He'll be glad to share again about losing his deep freeze. Charlie continued to breast feed, but wasn't consistent and I didn't feel that I was producing enough for a full feeding. At around 6 mos, we began giving him a bag of milk along with nursing (3-4 bags a day). This way, I knew he was well nourished. He quit nursing at the end of May. The last time I offered the breast he shot up and looked at me like I was trying to violate him. Haven't been able to attempt that since! My little one is moving on, like he should I suppose. I have given him the best nourishment I could. I loved breastfeeding. I had no idea it would be such a blessing. I set out with the goal to provide the best for my child and received joy in the process. Breastfeeding has been replaced with bottle feeding and he may be ready to wean himself before I am. I love bottle feeding him. He has the biggest blue eyes and he just stares at me. It's the most precious thing! Sometimes he will take his hands off the bottle and play with me for a while. He loves to put his fingers in my mouth. I play bite them and he giggles for a bit and returns to feeding. These are such precious, precious days. I wish they would last longer.


Donna's Days said...

This brings back such bitter sweet memories for me. Nursing my girls was such a special time for me. I loved the milky, satisfied grins they would give.

O.K., now I'm getting teary-eyed, too.

Colleen said...

Good for you, making breast milk for him for that long!! I also nursed my four babies but admit it wasn't my favorite thing to do...I offered it up for them though!! I'm now a follower of your cute blog ~ nice meeting you!

dstack said...

Oh how I remember those sweet days also. It's one of life's memories that goes into the "best" chest! It's one that only you and Charlie can share, course he won't remember it, but it bonds him to you just the same.

Laura said...

That is great that you were able to pump and save up so much milk! It is so bittersweet when they no longer breastfeed. I stopped nursing my girl when she was 13months, it was a lot harder on me than it was for her!!!