Friday, July 3, 2009

Focus Friday

It's Friday again!
Today Seth is off and is able to spend the day with us! We love time with Daddy!
I more than accomplished my last goals. I have really been putting in a lot of hours in the flower bed. I planted a huge load of seeds. They should bloom next year. If all goes well, we will have quite the flower garden. I can't wait to see the fruits of my labor. I finished planting them this morning. I even planted a few annuals. I swore that I would never do that because I didn't see the point in doing all of that work every year. I must say that it is addicting because your results are immediate. I will have to post pics of my yellow salvia. The window boxes are looking good. I think Mom nailed it when she suggested to plant everything with potting soil and let it get used the soil around here. I have been through countless plants in my efforts to beautify my home. If only had my money back for all those that died. I could open up a small nursery! One of my goals with the seeds I planted is to be able to pick a florist like bouquet almost every day. I wish it were next spring already. I do love the fall though!
This week I would like to return to my workout schedule. This is an ongoing struggle for me. I get busy doing other things and forget about working out. I manage to remain active, just not so much on my Wii Fit. With summer here, we ride our bikes, swim and go for frequent walks. I would love it if I could manage to get up early every morning and go for a jog, but I just don't see that happening. Until I get that kind of strength, I need to maintain my 4 day a week workout on the Wii Fit. I seem to accomplish this with Focus Friday.

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Thrifty and Chic Mom said...

Sounds like you are going to have a beautiful yard, I love flowers! Good luck with exercising, life gets so busy it is hard to do everything!