Tuesday, July 14, 2009

1st busted lip :(

Look at those tears!

Poor thing's swollen lip!

His battle scar!

Ready to play now!

See Mommy, I'm o.k.

This was so sad. Charlie follows us around the house where ever we go. He's so joyful in his crawling. He was merrily on his way down the hall when I heard a big thump. I found him on his tummy and arms spread out. He immediately began to cry. I picked him up and noticed the blood. I felt so bad for my precious one. The blood was dripping, my baby was crying and my husband wasn't home. I wanted to cry with him! I kept it together, you know, for his sake. I blotted his little lip. I took him to the changing table to get him out of his onesie, as blood had dripped on it. In no time, he was happy again. Of course, I had my camera on hand. As soon as I whooped it out, he began smiling. Then, he realized it hurt. Then, he smiled again. Then, he began to play and forgot all about his boo boo!


maggs said...

aw! bless his heart, he thumped it hard!

Brooke said...

Hunter fell off the steps onto the patio about 2 months ago and got his first busted lip and goose egg on his head. I hope he gets well soon! There's alot more to come!

dstack said...

Oh just look at those blue tear-stained eyes! I'm so glad he just cried and went on. Let's hope he copes this well with ALL of life's boo boos.

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Oh the wee lamb! I hate it when my wee ones hurt themselves, it is hard isn't it! He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen.
Collette x