Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our 1st 4th!

As you can see, Charlie was way interested in all the firework action! We began celebrating our country's birthday by buying fireworks at the fireworks stand. This is a popular place here in Vega. We purchased lots of goodies and headed home to wait, wait, wait til dark (9:30). Charlie usually goes to bed around 9:00. For the 4th, he took a nap in Mommy's arms from 9:00-10:00. Daddy headed back to the fireworks stand to spend time with friends and watch cool fireworks. Quincy grilled lots of yummy food. The true secret treasure is that they get to explode some of the fireworks that didn't sell. Mainly, the REALLY big ones! After Charlie woke up, Daddy came home and we exploded our own fireworks and had lots of fun with the sparklers. Then, we all headed back to the fireworks stand and were in awe of the fireworks. They had some SERIOUS fireworks! Our fav was "the big, huge star." It was awesome and made the clapping sound when it exploded!!! The show ended just in time for God's fireworks and a BIG rain. We had a great 1st 4th!


dstack said...

PTL for it all!

maggs said...

How fun! It seems your 4th was perfect! Im jealous, wish i could of spent it w yall! :) i like what ur momma commented! :)