Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thankful Thursday at Truth 4 the Journey

It's Thursday again!!!
Boy, have I been busy! Last Saturday, we had 3 events to go to. Two were birthdays and one was a baby shower. We were also busy on Sunday, with a special service dedicated to our preacher who was retiring. It was a great service. With being two weeks behind on cleaning, you can guess what I have been doing today, on my birthday!!

1. I am thankful that today is my birthday! It's so fun to have a day dedicated to you!

2. I am thankful for the wonderful presents my hubby has been giving me. Throughout the day he has been calling and giving me hints for a place where my next present would be. This "scavenger" hunt has been a blast!! I love the show Reba. I mean, I am addicted! I wanted all 6 seasons for my birthday. I have all but season 3. We will have to do some more researching for it!

3. I am thankful that tonight the family will get together to eat and celebrate.

4. I am thankful that this time next week, my family will be here! Mom flies in Wednesday with Aunt Melissa and Big Daddy to follow on Thursday! We will have so much fun together!

5. I am thankful that I am able to clean my house today! Nothing gives me peace like having a clean house.


dstack said...

And I am thankful that this time __ yrs ago I had you! How good is that?!!! I love you SO much! You are the light of my life - always have been and always will be! XOXO

Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi Katy!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!! Hope you have a lovely meal tonight and what a lovely list of things to be thankful for!
Have a brill timexxx

Brady Blog said...

Happy B'day my Sweet Katy Girl! I love that your family will be there in just a few short days. Can't wait to follow all the fun happenings! Thinking of YOU today! We love you-Taylor is here singing away to you!