Saturday, July 4, 2009

3.) I'll be happy when ________________.

Love this blog! Mamakatslosinit hosts a writer's workshop on Thursdays with fun and creative ideas to inspire writing. Even if writing is not your forte, reading is. I love checking out other blogs and reading their stories. When I read #3, I thought of several things that would make me happy. Most are political (Yeah Conservatives!!!). If you know me, you know my beliefs and there's just no reason to beat a dead horse. Then I began to ponder about the dangers of having the mind frame of only being happy "when." The sentence doesn't read I will "only" be happy... So, I viewed #3 as an opportunity to celebrate! In the very near future, I will have a very good reason to celebrate. Enough so to write about.

My sister, Maggie, whom I love and cherish is experiencing the season of college. What a season to be in! Poverty, overwhelming study hours, overloaded work hours, trying to get along with roommates...remember all of these? Thank God I was able to go to college and leave, with a degree! My family provided tremendously for me and for that I am so grateful. I only had to work one job at a time. I rode horses on the side for extra money, but that only took up a couple of hours on the days I chose to work. My sister puts in A LOT of hours. She has been working two jobs and recently made the wise decision to cut out one of the jobs until the Fall. Did I mention she is a full time student as well? I am so proud of her! A long needed vacation is upon her! Destination: TEXAS! We haven't seen each other since Christmas. She will spend 6 days with me. She lived with me for a while and developed many friendships here during that time. I know that I will have to share her during our precious 6 days. Restraining someone against their will is illegal, right? So, I will be happy when July 15th is here, I am at the airport, and am hugging my sister!!!! I love you Bug!

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maggs said...

AWWWW! i love love love this! lol

#3.) "I'll be happy when___________." I am in the amarillo airport at 10 am on
July 15th hugging my Sisi!

This post was really sweet and made me feel good about all my efforts! thanks sisi! U are always so good at understanding what i go through! maybe because uve done the same? :)