Saturday, July 11, 2009

Happy 11 months Charlie!

He was flirting with me when I called his name!

He just discovered his outfit!

"What are you doing Mom?"

Had to get up and do something!

"There's got to be something else for me to do besides sit in this chair!"

I love these feet!

Checking in to see if what he's doing is o.k.!

Finally out of that outfit! Much happier!

This month has really hit me today. My baby is graduating from being a baby :( I was graciously blessed with breastfeeding my baby. This was such an awesome bonding experience. This month, Charlie has completely weaned himself :( To add insult to injury, we will finish all of the frozen milk tomorrow. I have grown to cherish bottle time and I am, by no means, ready to see it end. I love holding my baby in my arms and looking into those precious blue eyes looking back at me. I long for these days to stay. Please don't go. Don't leave my heart hurting, yearning for your return.
Charlie continues to consume more and more at feeding times. He loves to eat and tries anything that is placed in front of him. We really haven't discovered a food that he doesn't like. I hope this trend will continue. His main struggle at feeding times is getting bored in the high chair. He loves to throw his sippy cup off the tray. He loves to pat and hastily wave his arms from side to side. He loves to say "DaDa." I was so excited when he finally said "MaMa." He didn't say it any today, but has been saying it throughout the past couple of days. He is great at babbling and we love to hear him! He loves to mimic his Daddy more than anyone else. He has learned how to wave bye bye. He can hold his hand to his mouth if his teeth are hurting and his head if it hurts him. He points to his ear and tummy when asked. He crawls all over the house. He is really speedy with this. He loves to walk fast when we are holding both of the hands and walking behind him. He pulls up on anything he can reach. Just today he crawled on top of the foot stool and up on the recliner where he stood and tried to reach objects on the secretary behind the chair. He is not so cautious about getting hurt. Praise God we haven't had any accidents yet. I know they will come, but I would like to keep them at bay. He loves to throw things. He continues to love bath time. He hates having lotion put on him (just like Daddy). He loves to watch us brush our teeth! I know one day, too soon, we will be teaching him how to brush his. He has four teeth, two on the bottom and two on top. One more has broken through on the top. He is beginning to sleep less and less during the day. He continues on his two nap routine. He sleeps about 10 hours every night. He loves to go on bike rides. He loves playing with the dogs and being outside in general. His new favorite activity is swimming! He swims the best for his Daddy. When he is with his Mommy, he prefers the float! He has a very outgoing personality. He comes to life when we are in public and sees just how many friends he can make. He loves live music. He babbles and dances during Praise and Worship at church, until he falls asleep! He is very intrigued with techno gadgets (just like Daddy). He loves his Mommy and Daddy and we love him. He is the cherry on top of all of our days. Our greatest joy is being his parents. We are in awe of this great priveledge God has given us. We strive everyday to be the best stewards we can be of this gift. Thank you, Lord, for our precious son. Please continue to nurture him, protect him, and make him a man after Your own heart. We continue to seek Your guidance in raising our son You have given to us.


Collette@Jesuslovesmums said...

Hi Katy!
What a beautiful post and a lovely prayer! It is a bit sad as they leave the baby stage isn't it!

Re; Psalm Saturday- of course you can share the button it is totally fine to do that! I didn't imagine anyone would want too.
Love Collette xxx

MerH said...

What a cutie!

dstack said...

Time with Charlie will just go by faster and faster as he grows. I'm glad you're taking the time to bask in every little moment and document it so we ALL can share in it with you. Love you, Mom

maggs said...

he is growing, growing, growing! Sisi dont let this time make u sad u will enjoy all that is to come just as much as the past 11 months! I wish i could be in town for his BIG 1! its coming up super soon :) i love him so much!