Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's late, I know. Technically, it's Tuesday. I'm writing this at 12:42 am. The hubby has been called out and I can't find peace enough to sleep when I am without him. I remembered this meme and couldn't remember where I found it. I searched and searched. I called my sis (she keeps these hours) and released my efforts of looking with no results. Her solution: google it. Google it! What? Something so simple escaped my mind. At last, the searching was over.

You well know by now that my sis is coming for a visit. What you may not know is a trial we experienced. In her senior year of high school (2008), my sis came to live with me. For whatever reason, I was not myself, and she was not herself during this time. We had ALWAYS, from the moment of her birth, been connected. We grew up in different households. I was raised by my mother and she was raised by our father. I was 12 when she was born and loved her before she entered our world. My father lived in MS at the time. When I went to visit, I wanted nothing else but to be with Maggie. I slept with her, ate with her, bathed with her and of course, played with her. I claimed her then and have always been a big presence in her life. We have ALWAYS loved being together.

Our lives together came to a jolting, dramatic halt. She left my home and moved in with her mother to finish her senior year. We were, for the first time in our lives, separated. I honestly, did not know if we would ever speak to one another again. I called my step mom every day to receive updates on Maggie. My life had a hole in it without knowing how or what she was doing. The most painful part of our separation was knowing that she was hurting, that I caused some of that hurt and that I wasn't there for her during this time. I had always been the person she called when she was hurting. To make matters worse, I got married during our period of separation and my sis was not there.

We are both are Christians. I remained in prayer during our separation. We each had been scorned by the other and could have held onto anger for the rest of lives. I didn't know what my life was going to be like without Maggie, but I feared I was going to find out. Our once loving, adoring relationship was over. It had been over for quite awhile. I never felt released to contact Maggie. I feared she would be very angry with me for a period of time I was uncertain of. I didn't want to contact her too soon when her wounds were not yet healed and I didn't want to contact her when I felt the same and would cause and even bigger mess, if that was possible.

For once in my life I exercised patience. I didn't act until I had a word from God to do so. Little did I know, God was working in Maggie's life as well. She text me on my birthday, just 3 mos. after our separation. We really didn't have to say many words to one another, we just needed to know that we were still connected. Forgiving my sister was one of the easiest things I have ever done. I cannot imagine what her senior year of high school was like. I just know that she persevered.

My miracle Monday: God healed a broken relationship. He worked His love in our hearts and made our relationship even stronger. He has given us great pleasure in one another. His next miracle: bringing her BACK to TX!


dstack said...

PTL! He is good ALL the time!

Madison said...

Hi fellow SITSsta! Isn't it amazing how many miracles God works in our lives? I'm so glad to hear that you were able to reconnect with your sister. What a special relationship you can now share with her!

maggs said...

Well im glad i could help u find this meme at 1 am lol because this post was worth it. I know u reassured me that i would not cry reading it...but guess what... I DID! tears of joy! I am so thankful for our wonderful relationship. U described our seperation time perfect, without u there was a hole in my heart. I had lost my best friend and the person i love the most. Uncertainty followed me day after day and i couldnt have been happier when ur b day rolled around and i KNEW that day way THE DAY to take a risk. I cried when i sent it and remained crying until u replied. And even when u replied i cried some more lol i was so happy to know u still loved me. Yes forgiving u was the EASIEST thing i have ever done! Before the incident i didnt think two sisters could become any closer than we were but boy was i wrong! Today we are closer tighter than spandex on a hot day! :) i love u and no matter what i always will!

Remember..."Sisi, if u were a booger id pick u!"