Saturday, July 11, 2009

Charlie's Day!

Our day began with playing with Daddy (after breakfast with Mommy).

Daddy fed me lunch!

I had to spend time with my favorite gate!

Swimming was a blast!

Then, Mommy took lots of pics for my monthly update.

We ended our day in the park at the Blue Grass Festival!

I can't believe Charlie's already 11 months. I am so sad. I know that a mother should be glad to see her child grow and grow healthy. My heart hurts because of this changing season. Everyday is wonderful with Charlie as he learns new things and explores life. With his growth comes saying goodbye as well. I have loved my baby being a baby. I wish it would last longer. Because this is the last of his monthly updates (the next will be full of his birthday) I took every opportunity I could to document this day.

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dstack said...

You've done a wonderful job and who says you have to quit celebrating the months????? I say you keep doing it! It's the next best thing to being there for us folk who live out-of-town and he's such a ham now, so keep on keeping on Sista!