Friday, January 29, 2010

We've been rescued!

The drift blocking our front door.

Gandpa arrives!

Making a path for our front door.

Scraping out the driveway.

Look how deep the drift is! See my deer? He's the big buck in my family set.

The supervisor!

Day two of being snowed in is no fun. Not being able to open the front door gets old, quick! A benefit of marrying into a farming family? Tractors are available! Grandpa came and rescued us. We can now open our front door and can leave our driveway if needed!


Debbie said...

OMGosh! Needless to say, you didn't go to work today! SO glad Kim came to your rescue. I can only imagine the cabin fever Seth was having!

Debbie said...

Oh, and LOVE the stance of your "supervisor"! Tee Hee!

Jill said...

Girl, you're a long way from Alabama! I can't believe your snow!

Jennifer said...

YAY!!!! :)

maggs said...

ha i LOVE how Charlie is the BOSS! lol he gets that from his MOMMY! lol jk OMG gotta LOVE that JOHN DEERE! i wana ride! or drive lol but goodness at the snow! looks like a blast! wish i was there alrdy to enjoy it! hopefully it does a repeat of this when i arrive lol it could be my welcome back gift from mother nature :)