Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Charlie LOVES playing with magnets on the refrigerator!

This has become his stepping stool so he can see what Mommy is working on in the kitchen. I love this expression here. I had just told him no because he was reaching over too far. He didn't like that, so he shot me this look and climbed down for a bit!

Here he decided to push his stool around for a while. These are the days of our lives!


Debbie said...

And precious days they are my Sweet! They pass all too fast. I'm SO glad God has blessed you with a wonderful job and working husband, allowing you to spend more of this precious time with Charlie in "these one and only days of your lives".

maggs said...

hahaha LOVE that glare he is givin u lol... mommy he DOES NOT like that word... lol too too funny!