Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goodbye Tim!

LOVE this verse! What a great way to share the love of Christ!

NOT afraid to go at it!

What a great guy! They did mention during the game last night what a big role his faith plays in his life, although they never mentioned his faith in Jesus Christ. They also told us that his teammates protect him and provide sort of a barrier for unsafe situations for him. After all, college is full of tempting situations!

A strong bond. Poor coach suffered some sort of a heart attack after the heart breaking loss to AL. We learned all about that last night too. He's taking an undetermined leave of absence.

I would be one of these girls! Wonder what seeing him on campus is like? Do you think he has bodyguards or anything?

Setting record and breaking them! He was robbed! He should have won every year he played!

All business.

I have been a fan of SEC football forever. My roots belong to Auburn and I have never even really liked Florida. All that changed when Tim Tebow signed on! I am a sucker for good character and a strong, non-wimpy quarterback. I love quarterbacks who aren't afraid to duck their head and go at it. This man is a monster of a football player. What I have grown so fond of is his character. He loves the Lord, he loves his fellow man, he loves football. He is humble, obedient, a server and a gentle giant. There are countless stories of good deeds this guy has done. One of the more recent ones is of a 20 year old girl diagnosed with cancer who had just had brain surgery. Her older sister told her that if she wanted anything in life, now would be a good time to ask as her parents would probably do anything she wanted! Her wish: she wanted to go to the Heisman awards ceremony at Walt Disney World in hopes of catching a glimpse of Tim Tebow. What happened? Somehow they met, he ended up spending 45 minutes talking with her and asked her to escort him down the red carpet for the big event! Tear swelling, right? This is just a touch of what he has done since we have come to know him in his college career. Check out the website to learn all about him. He is the son of missionaries and his goal is to fund an orphanage (so we've been told-I haven't actully talked to him or anything). He even convinced his coach: Urban Meyer to spend a summer in missions with him! I just love this guy. Although a fan of SEC football, I have never shed a tear over a game. We all know what happened in the SEC championship game. I'll just tell you that when I saw Tim crying, I joined him. I mean, once I started, I couldn't stop. My husband called to check on me after learning FL lost and he had to console me for like 30 minutes! What happened to me? I had become so attached to this passionate, winning team and their leader that my heart was broken to see it all end, especially the WRONG way! Another picture perfect season would have made it easier on this heart of mine. Last night's vicotry in the Sugar Bowl eased the pain a bit. What really helped? Fox Sports set up a Tebow cam! I sat in Reba, laptop on hand with the Tebow cam on and the game on the TV! I was able to follow him, up close and personal, the entire game. I had no idea he chewed ice or stretched so much! I love good seasons (of anything) and I just hate to see them end. Who knows what next year holds for FL. I don't even know who the quarterback will be. I do know that I feel sorry for him. Filling Tebow's shoes? Sorry, no thanks! Maybe I will finally latch on to the NFL. I have tried to get attached to that league because I love football and their season lasts longer, but I just haven't been able to. I am a Tim Tebow fan and where he goes, I will follow!


VSH said...

When did you become such a Tebow fan???
Have you forgotten that your 2 cousins are recent graduates of the Crimson Tide?
If you lived in Ala you might have a different opinion. The word from other Fla athletes is they are tired of hearing Tebow and are sick of all the special treatment one player gets above the rest of his team. The media is smitten with him and so are alot of others, but not the ones around him daily! Roll Tide Roll!

Maroussia said...

It will be great to watch SEC Championship Game, i have bought tickets from looking forward to it.