Friday, January 15, 2010

My 1st Livestock Show.

I had no idea they groomed goats like this. Reminds me of a poodle!

I guess he/she wanted out of there, or to give me a closer look at its physique!

Hey there!

Pigs nestled in.

Look at how deep the bedding is!

Sleep tight!

A close up!

I've been around the world of rodeo, farming and ranching and I did it all without the world of showing! Man, do these people get into this. I must say, this hobby is much, much easier on the animals. They didn't even stink. Have you ever been around a pig that didn't stink?


Jennifer said...

Those show people are a whole 'nother breed of folks. ;) We showed goats a few years, but as ranch kids, we never quite fit in.
Crazy ya'll are having fairs now, we always have them in August around here.

maggs said...

Great pics sis! im glad u got to experience this! i bet charlie had a good time exploring eveything...btw love the close up of the pigs snout! presh