Thursday, January 28, 2010


Why is my precious, oh so healthy child taking breathing treatments? Asthma! That's right, my little one, so strong and healthy has asthma. While this news was a bit traumatic for Mommy, Daddy seemed unaffected and...prepared. Asthma runs on his side of the family. His father and brother both have asthma. I did not know this until Tuesday. Thank God Seth was there to provide this tid bit of info to the doctor. The good news: hopefully it will resolve on its own and never fully develop. I am praying this over our child. Now, the pictures you see here are an answered prayer in themselves. Charlie received his first treatment in the doctor's office. We were left alone with him for the 8 minutes it took to use the ampule. When Dr. Fletcher returned, our ears were ringing as if we'd been to a rock concert, the three of us were sweating, Mommy and Charlie had been crying and Daddy was exhausted. We looked like we'd been to a wrestling match! We took turns holding Charlie during the 8 minutes while he was fighting for his life. Dr. Fletcher was all smiles as he reminisced about one of his children having the same reaction to their first breathing treatment. He did compliment Charlie's survival skills! It was traumatic and I was praying all the while Dr. Fletcher was delivering the news that we would NOT have to go through this again. The thought of having to go through this every 4 hours took my breath away. Daddy set there, unaffected by this news. I wanted to cry. The Lord blessed me with a comforter in a mate. The breathing treatments remained traumatic until yesterday when Uncle Heath stayed with Daddy to watch Charlie while Mommy worked. Uncle Heath took breathing treatments for years. I don't know if the two of them shared some kind of unspoken bond or what, but the first treatment with Uncle Heath here went smooth as hot honey. Ever since then, they have been like what you see in the pictures here. After two weeks, we can taper the treatments down to as needed. We are praying for complete restoration over our little one. Our God is the great physician and in an instant, can heal our baby. We take comfort in the power of our Lord.

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maggs said...

poor lil man! i hate he has to go through this :( makes me sad... hopefully things cont to progress