Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A child's menu?

I love blogging. It refreshes my soul to visit other blogs and reep wisdom. I have learned so many tips, trades and secrets. With that in mind, I want to share a weakness of mine. I am less than sufficient when it comes to cooking for my family. I miss the days of baby food when it was so easy to provide a healthy meal for my child. He was such a good eater. He would eat anything we put in front of him. I think he would have eaten all day if we weren't there to stop him. Since reaching about 15 months, that all changed. My oh-so-good eater evolved into this picky, won't-eat-hardly-anything eater! It's so frustrating!!! He keeps gaining weight and maintains good output, but I just wonder where in the world his appetite went. When I visited with our peditritian, she said this type of behavior was normal and that the apetite is subject to many changes of this nature. I am writing to seek advice on children's menus and items that your kids have enjoyed eating. My menu is so limited and I know there are many, many choices out there. Any ideas?


Debbie said...

Hmmmm Brings back memories. What I did with you was think of the basic food groups and what you liked in each and would try and give you one thing out of each every meal. Good luck!

LeAnna said...

We are getting to this point and place. Not so much picky, but just uninterested in eating in general. Here is an idea of what I offer for lunch, because at dinner time he eats what we eat, regardless. Unless of course it's super spicy, but we don't eat a lot of spicy things, so it's manageable.

Mac n' cheese (the individual microwave bowls, so you don't have to fix a whole box...)
fish sticks (these are a HUGE hit!)
shredded cheese
soft avocado cubed
thin layer of PB on lightly toasted bread
cubed sweet potatoes (cooked in stew, usually)
lima beans
canned beans of any kind (pintos, kidney, black, black eyed peas, etc...they're protein packed!)
yogurt (I make my own, and throw in some frozen fruit)
cheese sticks

Those are just some ideas. Also, have you let him eat with a spoon or baby fork? If he is feeding himself with utensils he might find some foods more interesting to try. My little guy loves using his spoon, and while it's a huge mess, I notice he eats more because he stays interested longer...