Thursday, January 14, 2010


My BFF got me a subscription to Real Simple magazine. I am so excited about his. To confirm my subscription, they sent me a little preview booklet full of solutions. I HEART things such as this. So, I thought I would share them with you.
Here are some solutions:


1. Shoo flies. Invert the colander and use it as a tent over food during outdoor activities.
2. Create a casual luminaria. I can't wait to try this one!
3. Wash your delicates. Place the colander in the sink and wash the garments in there.
4. Make a Halloween costume. A colander makes a great Martian helmet.

Uncooked Spaghetti

1. Keep cakes intact. Push a piece of spaghetti into the top of a cake to keep plastic wrap from clinging to it.
2. Mark your page in a cookbook. How appropriate!
3. Spear hors d'oeuvres on party platters.
4. Light candles. I had no idea spaghetti noodles were flamable. I never even thought about it to tell you the truth!

Ice Cube Trays

1. Cut cookie dough.
2. Organize desk supplies.
3. Freeze extra pesto.

Wine Bottle

1. Use as bookends.
2. Organize jewelry. Poke stud earrings into a cork and toss into your travel bag.
3. Replace a rolling pin.
4. Keep your boots up.
5. Pack party favors. You can really dress this one up by painting or personilizing the bottle!
6. Cap an x-Acto knife with a cork.


LeAnna said...

Cute ideas! I have to admit, I use my colanders for everything under the sun. I've even been known to take dog food to the critters with one! ;)

Debbie said...

Great tips! Wine bottles are also beautiful with strings of tiny Christmas lights in them, especially the colored wine bottles. Five more days!!!!!

~Micah said...

Thanks for sharing Katy! I am enjoying following your blog! I hope to see you on Thursday!