Saturday, January 30, 2010

Before & After


After. Look at those precious eyes!

Oops. I deleted the before of this one, but you can scroll a few posts back and see it. I feel like I should have centered the watermark here. That drives me NUTS!



I have been doing a lot of research on how to use PSE. When I say research, you know that is code for reading other blogs! Here are a couple of my accomplishments. I still find PSE not user friendly. It's aggrevating to me that I can't see the photo in full screen and see the progress I make on it as I go. In some layers I can and then in other layers, I have to guess and am unable to see my edits until I save it and pull it up in my picture folder. I know there is an easier way to use this program, but it remains a mystery to me! We will be taught how to use PS in my class and the majority of that should apply to PSE. I guess at the end of this class I will have both PSE and PS because we, as students, get a discount on the program. I would like to hear your feedback on my oh-so-slow progress!

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maggs said...

wow! look at u go! ur doin great! hope ur rly enjoyin ur class, i cant believe u were actually nervous! ur AWSOME! i knew everyone would love u!