Sunday, January 17, 2010

Peaches and Charlie.

Our dear friend, the Q, has a child bird, named Peaches. I am terribly afraid of birds, chickens, geese, etc. Knowing this, Seth loves to test my fear and expose me to Peaches every once in a while. After a near heart attach on at least two ocassions and absolutely running out the door at least once, I had all I could stand and called it quits. I was able to maitain sanity long enough to get some pics. Charlie had no fear, only interest. Maybe one day I will grow up to be like him!


maggs said...

aw Charlie is so brave and curious! i think those two will grow to be good buddies and who knows maybe mommy will even begin to like peaches a lil herself lol

Debbie said...

What great pics. I don't blame you, I'd have been scared too, but for a different reason - Peaches could bite one of Charlie's fingers off!