Tuesday, January 19, 2010

And the surgery went well!

Charlie was excited to see Daddy pull up!

I love how Charlie is looking up at him here! Isn't it precious?

The boys chillin'.

The hubby underwent surgery today. He was sent home with orders for two weeks bed rest and an additional four weeks on crutches. My husband is not a stay at home kind of man. He gets cabin fever in no time! Instead of the whole bed rest deal he decided to prop up in front of the computer and have some serious game time. He's thrilled about this, I know! One of our dear family friends is going to bring over my hubby's favorite: chicken n' dumplings! He's been craving this and I have no idea how to make it. In addition to this dish, she also brought The Pioneer Woman Cookbook for me!!! I am WAY excited about this. I am well on my way to becoming a descent cook!


LeAnna said...

Poor hubs! Hope he has a speedy recovery, I know my man would go insane on bed rest!

Denise @ Life on Stepping Stone Lane said...

Katy~Glad hubby's surgery went well. You are gonna LOVE that cookbook!!

Debbie said...

What great pics which helped us out here in ciberspace feel like we were right there! I will be tomorrow!!! How good is that?!! (I probably won't sleep much tonight!)

Jennifer said...

Poor guy, hope he heals up soon! My honey would be the same way,he hates being cooped up and still. Good luck with PW's cookbook! I have it too!

Kathie Bryant said...

Hope you all enjoyed the chicken and dumplings! You will love that cookbook. Amy gave it to me for Christmas and I also love the pioneer woman blog. Hope you share all the info you get in your class. I just got a different camera and I am scared to death of it!!!! Have a great day!

prashant said...

I LOVE ours!!! You'll have to keep us updated on the photog classes, sounds like fun!

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